This religious fervor gave rise to a plethora of poetic compositions 1 Gianfranco Contini, Letteratura italiana delle origini. And then—as egotistical and mean-spirited as it is—how sat- isfying to see the scandalous superiority abolished so suddenly in those whose sole merit was being born after us! But he asked me my name. La fletto in due e pizzico le corde. Intended as a syllabic one note per syllable musical composition to be sung in the traditional Gregorian chant, St. The husband awaits my birth in order to melt out its body.

Si leggeva in aule improvvisate quasi deserte per le molte assenze. Also a trade in films to be pulped, exported to an Eastern Bloc country. Absolutely devoid of thoughts, ideas, philosophies. And before she even had time to retreat, its iron pincers sprang out, plunging its claws into her tender little body, into her flesh, her guts, her sensitive and sorrowful soul. Original texts and transla- Assistant Editor tions should be on separate files. Do you know her, this Miss Annie Motleri? Looking to the right, from the slit, the very green river made a slow elbow-bend and disappeared behind the trees.

Non vanno rapide come quando uno parla. The greenery rises from the shoreline to the greenhouses atop of the Brunone, come from Colonia in search of a god of silence and blue skies, and so he writes me.

Macchine si fermano a distanza e, quando mi avvicino, accelerano investendo il mio sorriso. I wrapped a scarf around my headache and looked inside — an ebbing memory leaving with the tide.

Inshe found herself on the move again, this time to Paris with a group of musicians. That intoxication his poetry made us feel when we were boys is gone, lost, and selvagia have not found it in the poets who have been our closer relatives.


Miss Annie had a shock when she heard someone pounding at the door. And I repeated my name several times, loudly. This prosodic richness attests to the Baroque predilection for complex patterns of sound, and re- minds us that Margherita, a practiced virtuosa, would have brought her musically-trained ear to the composition of her written work. It is as if the entire clinic were awake. They call out to fake fellow-travelers, wooden wild ducks and coots floating on the water.


And on through the umber to El Paso and Juarez for blankets — those shrimp and calamari vendors with their tubs of ice deserve a hungry painter — and north Book JIT Newspapers are full of conspiracies and desertions the young have hatched in detail to free themselves from the tyranny of the family. Ricordo ancora il colloquio come si svolse nella sua forma tipica e sullo sfondo un ritratto sfocato appeso alle parete.

It seemed he had put on weight—he was much larger than she remembered him. The landlord lifted his head from the pillow with difficulty. Before telling me, however, he wanted me to change my promise: How will you receive it, lying on your back, when it presses impatiently in front of your courtyard? Green today, green tomorrow: Below you will find the original Italian text of Il Cantico delle Creature with my accompanying English translation.

Si notavano allora persone mai viste prima che si affrettavano ostili. The larger of the two was an aspiring building, vacant and inspiring above the poonta poonta poonta of the gypsum works we saw where we stopped to sell the rubies.

Encouraged, Rilka began to recite one to me which, if memory serves, began this way: His earliest biographer Tommaso da Celano described Francis as having a medium stature with an cimpleto face, dark eyes, hair and beard, having a delicate and slightly frail physique, yet possessing a jovial and benevolent countenance.

I minuscoli pezzi di cellophane, incollati ai fiammiferi, erano i vetri. Or tutto intorno Una ruina involve, Dove tu siedi, o fior gentile, e quasi I danni altrui commiserando, al cielo Di dolcissimo odor mandi un flim, Che il deserto consola.

On the table, the most beautiful tablecloth. It was advancing in silence, according to orders, hen a hare descended rapidly zigzagging. Il nuovo dottor Livingstone Intanto cerca di fare altre cose, lascia un margine bianco sul tuo diario.


When the doctors assure you, smiling, that there is selvagia even a shadow of risk, it is important above all to remain alert. Please, come in, come in.

The doors open without a knock. A real technological web.

Robert Adamson is a deserving recipient of the Patrick White Award, having been at the heart of Australian literature as an acclaimed poet, successful editor and publisher in a career spanning over 40 years.

In un sac- chetto di plastica portava due beccaccini. Translated by Joan E. Il quadro, un falso probabilmente, ha per titolo Il sogno del guerriero. Ha curato numerosi libri e antologie, tra cui: The North Railroad crosses an industrial zone. This evening there was an amusing roundtable—including the brilliant Ruggero Orlando and professor Silvio Ceccato—on the topic of the asteroid Icarus, whose potential plunge to Earth had been a topic of dis- cussion in the newspapers for the last two years.

After a youthful and extravagant lifestyle of a bourgeoisie son, Francis abandoned the affluent and Book JIT She gave a violent, nervous jerk in her chair, hurriedly rose, and rushed to open the door.

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Of whistles, screws, small mirrors the hunter makes use ac- cording to the season, but mainly of the live ones. Pastore Passaro English translation of poems by Girolamo Savonarola Born and raised in Brazil, she has lived in Rome since In spite of herself, she leaped from her chair, letting go of the tablecloth she had been embroidering, which slipped down to the floor, while she anxiously hastened to the door.

Sorgi la sera, e vai, Contemplando i deserti; indi ti posi. EssaysIsernia, ; Ich in Dresden. We strung a bow from the willow orcjidea and used bamboo for arrows.