Answered How do I tell secrets to people? Score a certain number of points to receive the powerful Biggoron Sword. Give him the password for an upgraded Seed Satchel that allows you to carry up to 99 Seeds! This will transfer your Rings from Ages to Seasons. When you want to start a “Linked Game,” you have the option of using a Link Cable to transfer info rather than using a Password. I’ll check right away.

This can be extremely hard. Nayru and Din combine their power to send create a portal to the Sacred Realm. Kill them before attempting the puzzle. Get to the top and walk to Princess Zelda’s cage to free her. Are you doing a Linked Ages or Linked Seasons game? If the background is Fire, use Mystery Seeds.

Fairy Password Received: Play a mini-game involving defeating enemies in certain amount of time to earn the L-3 Master Sword!

Farore (Oracle) – Zelda Wiki

All four colors resemble the Four Swords Links’ Tunics. The Legend of Zelda: Kratos Kratos 10 years ago 4 Did you actually get the passwords in Ages before trying to bring them back to Farore?

After doing this 7 or so times, you will end up in the next room. Linked Ages Mating with duck is like vomiting in a too small bucket.

You can restock at Syrup’s place, but the price is ridiculous. Farore’s Memory circled in redas seen in the Hall of Secrets. Then head left through the newly opened door. So does that mean that I need to start a new game on both Ages and Seasons to get all the seaxons


Appears after Level 2 Given to: Note that if you did not receive the previous upgrade from Tingle, you’ll only be upgraded to 50 Seeds. Now, go on top of the platform Next, head up 3 spaces, left 4, and down 2. Next, choose the Secrets option and enter your Password. However, the entry in the linked Seasons file would show the password representing the secret obtained from the Zora for King Zora, whereas the entry in the completed Ages file would show the password representing the return-secret obtained from the King Zora for Farore.

Appears after Level 6 and helping the Skull Pirates Given to: D-4 Swim down and then push the block below the torch right and then the block to the right off it up. Farore is a recurring character in The Legend srcrets Zelda series. Any secrets that I got back from the previous seasos are written down, but I can’t enter them into Seasons because I need “The secret to moving through time”.

Hi narutofanex, the “Secret to Moving Through Time” is being able to import something from one game to another via a password. Push the secreys on your right to the right.

Farore’s Memory – Zelda Wiki

Use the new password given to you in your Ages game to transfer the Heart Container. It contains any linking passwords found so far. This room will oravle you want to throw your Gameboy against a wall. God bless Nintendo for inserting this piece of nostalgia.


Farore (Oracle)

Retrieved from ” https: Depending on many factors, mainly what you named Link and Bipin and Blossom’s child, you will receive different Secrets. She’s a very helpful person, but people take advantage of her kind nature. Speak with Impa, then enter the Tower. You’ll have to push the other Statues into the same pattern. Speak with Mamamu Yan Present, G-7 and give her the password.

Once it hits the wall it will split into three balls of fire which will head back towards Link. Oracle of Seasons Oracle of Ages. Choose Secrets from the menu or Game Link, but that will be discussed later and input the Secret that you received from Ages. Move 2 left and 3 and 4 up.

When your half fraore between them use the North Polarity to attract yourself to the pole below, then when your to the right of this pole yourself over to the ledge then head down to B Play Oracle of Ages and choose to begin a New Game. When hitting Firerova, you’ll be forced back, often into the lava.