A few concepts are presented in the context of postcolonialism. When it comes to the transfer without explanation, it is most commonly applied in the translation of the names of cities and places within the cities e. Szkoda mi jej autor: It can be concluded that they were somehow domesticated, even though this term was not known at that time. The translation could be as follows: Firstly, let us investigate the very notion of preconceptual image schemata. Since it is impossible and even undesirable to communicate all those things, we create an utterance base; there are those elements of the cognitive base that we could communicate.

The last category describes the procedures that attempt at combining both foreign and domestic influence. John Roberts deliberates whether this picture influenced the thinking of Europeans or only reflected already existing picture that Europe had about itself, the naval of the world. What is more, the said item does not perform any specific role in the text; it serves as an example rather than anything else. The symbolic domination of the church and Latin, the official language of church, is visibly reflected in this translational approach. But when we pass from works of imagination to works in which facts are recorded and general principles investigated, the superiority of the Europeans becomes absolutely immeasurable. Example 16b seems to be even more controversial and unsuitable. This narration was based on the old division, present also in the colonial times, namely Us vs.

Another interesting example is 11a.

Opiekunka (film 1990)

The scholar discusses a wide scope of examples along with the results they might have on opiekunk reader; yet the discussion is quite general and simplifies numerous linguistic issues. Fitzgerald did not express much respect for the Persian authors. It is worth noting that the show has been aired also in Poland under the title Filmwwb na jednego19; however, this does not change the fact that transfer is acceptable in such a case though recognised equivalent is preferable.

Last but not least, there is the problem of the incompatibility of languages and cultures that leads us to the two most productive notions of translation studies: The Search for a New Bruce Lee cilmweb Furthermore, Vinay and Darbelnet ignore the importance of the 5 All examples of sentences are taken from Belczyk, Arkadiusz After all, nearly every text is embedded in its source culture; this applies even to scholar texts which need to conform to a certain discourse in order to be deemed scholarly.


It remains an open question why horrog translators of both texts have made such decisions. In 37a the translator has decided to omit only one element i.

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Let us now move on to the discussion of few selected phenomena involved in the process of translation. We have seen that it is strictly connected with the cultural hegemonies and postcolonial translation; the power relations and the positions of cultures in the polysystem determine how far the translator can proceed with foreignization or domestication in the translation until it becomes unacceptable.

Perhaps Martin Luther, who not only did reform the church but also translated the Bible, is the most famous translator of that time. The following era of Romanticism brought vast and diverse interest in translation. However, it is not only the essence of orientalism. Otherwise, the translator is said to fail this task and readers are deprived thereof. Thus, the translator who comes across such a TV show or movie title in a text should neither leave it in its foreign form nor offer a new translation but replace this element with already existing translation.

Part of Polandball comic strip These are only certain, perhaps the most visible, manifestations of the culture in the text. The scholar analyses the relationship between Poland and 15 In: Furthermore, the translator may be equipped with the theoretical knowledge that sometimes serves useful ideas and resolutions to the translational issues.

Thus formal equivalence is based on the process of foreignization. Last but not least, it is opiekun,a worth noting that many of the arguments provided by the postcolonial authors could be easily dismissed.

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Thus, now we have all their problems, not only spirituals ones. However, Zarycki encourages the discussion over the status of Poland further by claiming that Poland is not only a colonised but also a former coloniser Similarly, Juliane House defines her overt translation as a text that aims at allowing the target language readers to understand the function of the source language text in the source language culture.

For instance, Ewa Thompson claims that one of the signs of the Polish postcolonialism is the preference of Western solutions to traditional onesafter Zarzycki Let these two above examples 36a and 37a suffice to show that tendency.


A few concepts are hprror in the context of postcolonialism. The texts written in national languages could be freely changed by the translator and they could be adapted to the needs of the TL community.

Oswald de Andrade creates an image of colony as cultural cannibal. In this filmwrb, it is particularly interesting to conduct an analysis of the translation of cultural elements with the emphasis placed on foreignizing and domesticating trends. Hejwowskiit is worth attention as Venuti formulates his view in the context of Anglo-American domination.

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This thesis aims at proving that, perhaps, it is the question of lieges that should be asked by the scholars. Anne Cluysenaar focuses on units larger opiekunja those proposed by Vinay and Darbelnet. This is the case in 40a and 40b; the point the author is trying to make in the said passage is that, apart from season, the town of Chester Mill is sparsely inhabited.

One could argue that if it were not for the extremely famous romantic comedy fromNotting Hill28, the culture-bound item would be unreadable to the Polish audience. In the end of Chapter II, the psycho-cognitive background is provided. According to Schleiermacher, there is not much use for bringing the author to the reader It is the theme of these wishes that is the invariant core of the discussed situation Bassnett Krzyk – Nina Patterson.

Luther did not translate the Bible literally but so as to make it sound natural in German Munday When subject to Google corpus search, his name features only on pages with song lyrics or on 27 As of 18 April, The reader has access to neither the source language element nor the implications and connotations borne by the item; his or her only source of information is the description-explanation offered by the translator.