As Ichigo waits for a way to get back to his time, he finds out that the students of West Genetics, are very different from his old classmates. An Unlucky Draw by Special FX reviews When a new piece enters the game, plans go awry and the board is forever changed. Together, we will ascend and tear the very heavens asunder. Drifter by Zanka no Tachi 31 reviews Ichigo has gone the past seventeen months without any power to help protect those around him. Now he has to live out the remainder of his life in this strange, but peaceful world. Will his experience as a Shinigami aid him in this new world? Who knew learning in Kindergarten would be fun, scary, and tiring? After being summon to the world of DxD, Godou ends up being a Pawn of Rias, It begins the new life and adventure of this 3 centuries old Campione.

He was a l’Cie fated to destroy Cocoon by Barthandelus. Code Effect by Nakatan reviews Lelouch is executed and as punishment by god for his sins is sent to the Mass Effect universe, to repent for his past actions. Fang-sama reviews Aizen is now defeated, and the remaining Espada are trying to settle a truce with the shinigami. His life changed when hope was offered from the empire within the shadows, revealing to him a new future Nova Rising by ScholarX reviews Thanks to another one of Kisuke Urahara’s inventions, Ichigo is thrusted into a future, where powerful girls called Pandoras fight extra-dimensional aliens called Nova. Harry’s Cuddly Monsters by Kithrin reviews Due to the blood wards around Pivot Drive glitching, and deciding that harry wasn’t safe there, Harry was sent off to another world. Just what connection does this boy have to the Yotsuba family? Just what connection does this boy have to the Yotsuba family?

The only way to help him is to call up his buddy in Seoul, South Korea to let his son attend his school.

With a corrupt Empire standing before him, will Hei return to his world? If you don’t say anything, you’re rude, If you’re sweet to strangers, you are fake.

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Hollow by taintedkatana reviews Ichigo struggled and fought for everything. All he knows that he wakes up in a world that is not his, and is greeted by a female warrior with green eyes. Except for one named Ichigo Kurosaki. Bring forth your minions. The Flamer will attack with generic insults and pitiful threats all of which are, usually, poorly spelled.

Ndanime will be banished from his world by god as a punishment.


The Chocobo head by 03fazfai reviews Serah Nwanimee traveled to midgar to began a new life but she did not expect to find a delivery boy who head looks like a chocobo. M For Language, Violence, Nudity. He is tried and Exiled. Ultimate Rewrite Edition by Ron the True Fan reviews Ichigo thought he was going insane when he met a woman claiming to be Rukia’s zanpakuto, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

A Keyblade War is coming, the 13 seekers of darkness and Sora’s darkest fears will control everything he loves. How will he handle the four women, and how will he deal with Hell itself on his doorstep? Continuing to foretell a horrible future, it asks him to change that, to save the GOM.

Ichigo bonded with the Hogyoku. This was what he had always wanted since Middle School: Instead of going jwanime hiding with Nunnally, Lelouch goes back to Britannia while leaving Nunnally in Japan for her own safety.

Is the world prepared for a second inventor Shinonono?

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Will she find out who Zero really is? Friends enjoying playing Basketball together. A young man that became a death god and a Sekirei that descended from the heavens only to bring death.

What happens when a certain Redhead decides to make him apart of her peerage. Armed with a second chance to make things at little better, he slips into a role he had almost forgotten T – English – Chapters: Now, they were born once again, and among them was born within the new Pawn of Sona Sitri. Teachings of the Past by Wheel Then reviews Ichigo is in the Dangai Precipice world on his way to the Soul Society when an encounter with the infamous Sweeper sends Ichigo tumbling through the fabric of time and ends up years in the past.

If he expected his job to be easy, he sure was mistaken as children of various personalities complicate his life.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen M – English – Supernatural – Chapters: However, just how successful will his gambit pice, considering the Sternritters doing the recruiting.

Sadly, fate seems to like messing with his life, as his simple mission is corrupted by a threat rising within the school itself. But will he bale to beat the one at the top before another rises to it. Crossover with Gundam Seed. He should honor his sister by living the life he couldn’t live in his world that doesn’t mean he will not nwabime for his friends and loved ones and of course help those he belive needs help, like that poor Arachne Rachnera this is my challenge as for pairing as long it’s no yaoi I’m fine with anything and if you wish to do some changes is entirely up to you Oh and please give me a message if you wish to take the challange so that I my read it.


Now without family or friends, he is offered a second chance in another life. Nwsnime an era where technology and the might of the Holy Britannian Empire spreads across the entire world, a nwainme prince decides to fight against the corrupt system while a greater danger emerges from the abyss of darkness. Under the Circumstances by halberd42 reviews Ichigo just wanted something to keep him occupied, since he no longer has Shinigami powers.

She nwajime magic being practiced and tracked him down to his home when a certain man is out. However, these aren’t the only changes that happen to Issei on his first day of school.

Thankfully he won’t be alone in the conflict to come and beyond. Is it wrong to be a Hero in a dungeon? Blind but Bold by Pugslover reviews While walking home from practice one day with the Seirin team, Kuroko is involved in an accident. The only parts that worked banished Voldemort and ensured Kitty’s mind would always be her own.

Pairing will be IchigoxTwoFemales so sort-of Harem.

His Actions by yesman55 reviews One’s actions can speak louder than all the words in the world. The Dragonic Transcendent by blackdeath34 reviews After the year blood war Ichigo is back and has a Fallen angel girlfriend!

The coverimage belongs to vincy-kun from deviantart. Zeru Nakamura was able to move on with his life after the epiaode of his parents and now lives a peaceful life with the Hyoudou family. Heart of Hell, Mind of Heaven by Manga reviews Nearly three years have passed since his fall from power.

Will he ever find the path that will take him to the light. Rated M for future chapters. I will destroy piee land and create it anew! Raised in the Church by Gamer95 reviews Asia was expecting a simple grocery shopping trip.