I really enjoyed the scenes that when every time her husband upsets her, she used his toothbrush to clean the toilet. Does he think you can tell a girl that you told someone what you like about her, and then not follow up with details? TB asks if she is in her right mind cuz she is a patient- a patient who needs rest. It described so many different characters changing over time, and finding out what actual reality is and how to learn to adapt to something new. Mom tells dad to sit. The characters and actors were truly AMAZING and I cannot describe as to how much ALL of them made my heart wrench, made me laugh till i couldn’t breathe, awwwwwwwwwwww as if I just saw a cute cat yawning and wake up, cry till there was no water left in my body, and scream like crazy while ripping out my hair She looks at the skin care J bought her.

TB helps SY get out of the car. January 21, at 2: I literally had to pause to stare at how lovey-dovey TB looks here. Do you know how sad it makes me whenever you refuse to talk to me about how you feel? Their chemistry is like a fireworks. It will be the camaraderie between brothers and warmth of the relationships that I take away from this. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Ojakgyo Brothers Episode Guide (2011-2012)

Lee Min Jung is just awesome with whoever she’s paired with and I’m glad Uee finally got a role that showcases her acting ability! TH is standing there with a bag. It’s on the verge of unseating some of my favorites, I’ll say that much.

TP says the consequences are far reaching -way more than when TS hid Guksoo. I mean, people were more upset that he is interracial than that he vrothers born out of wedlock which ojjakgyo a concern I find rather retrogradeor that his mother seemingly abandoned him!


I’m so emotionally checked out during the whole not-really-tragic-tragedy, but can’t wait to see the happy ending once the sub comes out! Loving this drama, and I usually shy away from the longer weekend ones.

Thankfully the cuteness of TH and J is more than adequate compensation. GM says how smart Guksoo is. They walk in and SY isnt there. But his brothers find out about her pregnancy, and Dad catches them drunk-brawling about it at the local pojangmacha, so the beans get spilled to the whole family pretty quickly.

Thanks to Softy’s blog ‘Cadence’. ojakvyo

Ojakkyo Brothers E46 « Cadence

He asks what she is doing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thanks for the halftime report! She asks if he will be ok cuz he has to do it till night so wont it be brothees to do alone. He pushes back her hair and touches her cheek. She sort of wipes her face a little clean and uncovers her face.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Did she not want to feel obligated to make a deal since she lives at the farm? Go give it a try. Go for it, don’t let the 58 episode-drama frightens you.

I keep telling myself I shouldnt do that but it happens without me knowing it. There is a side effect, though- like this — in front of you I am saying these corny things. Ja Eun and her dad are really cute together, too. January 8, at 9: She crosses the street and runs to him. The dad and the others come upstairs. He’s still cute in OB but infuriating too. I will blame the hormonal mood swings for that, but really, she doesn’t know what she wants, and i don’t think she invests herself in the relationship enough.

J said she came back to the farm cuz of me — the person who stole her contract-she missed my hands and came back cuz I was like a mom.


It described so many different characters changing over time, and finding out what actual reality is and how to learn to adapt to something new. TB cant reach TP.

Ojakkyo Brothers E47 « Cadence

Mom makes up some excuse that dad got into an argument with the village leader over the pest control schedule during the meeting so the dad is really angry. TB watches over SY as she sleeps on the hospital bed. I would have believed you if you had eased brotthers a bit but since you came after a long time, you overdid it so there is no sincerity.

TP stares at them holding hands. TP leans in and stares at Y. I said I didnt have it.

Now I have to watch it! But the problems just keep wpisode on, because Baek In-ho returns, alive and well. GM and Mom have a fight and cries because her heart hurts from this messy situation.

Ojakkyo Brothers E45

Like that whole episode where JaEun finally finds out Ahjumma took her contract. JH knows how much they love each other anyway… Well, I am NOT hoping that would happen, but with 10 more episodes, I believe we would need to bear ourselves and prepare a box of tissue for the coming storms after storms… With BIH comes up earlier than anyone expected… I thought he would be brought up to life.

I laughed out loud when things were serious, honestly.