She saved him once and suddenly, there was nothing about him being sad. She is definetly one of the best Japanese actresses out there. I wish this hadn’t ended. Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: I am really impressed! Fourthly, the art is so good. I’m okay if it’s just a change in appearance with no changes to the story. She never changed and always snapped back to her cheerful self after some self-reflection.

Overall, this one is highly recommended. Fourthly, the art is so good. Comments by miekomewf [Rating: Comments by funny face [Rating: Full Cast and Crew. TV shows to watch. Read some manga today! I get the drama in Kenji-Kaneko relationship, since they both had to be broken to pull off this reason for a break up.

Comments by Dorochive [Rating: The series was adapted by Fuji TV into a episode drama series in I am so happy to have come across this manga.

The only real complaint would be that it’s too positive, one way or another almost all mini-stories end well, I don’t dislike happy endings but it felt a bit forced, well it’s also a bit slow as they say, but for me that was not a minus, I actually enjoyed it taking it times and doing things proper for once It must have started really revolutionary to the time it was published, and comparing it to some recent shoujo it still is, but especially the end may put people off.


Fujiwara Momoe, a girl who loves to eat, was raised by her rich parents eating only the best. Under the influence of her father, Momoe attains a good knowledge and strong liking towards food. Comments by mokuren [Rating: Comments by cheekyangel65 [Rating: I wish this hadn’t ended. Reviewed by muffin on 9 August The characters meet up with problems, they solve them, some occasional romance scenes, la di da, stereotypical fluff.

I’m not into food, but im interested in the delici [Rating: The review section may contain spoilers! Comments by 4julls [Rating: Sometimes boring, but still always some-what enjoyable.

Nakayama Miho is lovely. The main girl is nothing like the other characters I’ve seen. CobaltRain All reviews 10 people found iapanese review helpful. Please understand that you may find out about this drama’s endings and plots!

Oishii Kankei | Manga –

Korean drama based this: Secondly, the characters are very well-built. I’ll definetly be checking out more of her kanei projects. Guess I’ll try more works of Satoru-sensei. Was also made into an part Jdrama, and a part Taiwanese drama L ess I get the drama in Kenji-Kaneko relationship, since they both had to be broken to pull off this reason for a break up.

She has this hidden maturity and funny perspectives about life that only comes with age. The other chars are nice but t Oda is dull and a bit annoying, at least till the later eps, Takahashi on the other hand is great and felt real. Comments by krissblade [Rating: I mean, it looked like an ideal one, I couldn’t imagine how Kenij could fall out of love with her and be with Momoe and when she slept with Kaoru I really thought maybe mangaka will let them be together, yet it still didn’t feel right.


Comments by Bsalez [Rating: You must login to comment for this series! Comments by xhidex33 [Rating: I repeat to myself One day, she walks into a little French japnese and recognizes the food from its taste.

She now has to take care for herself and her mother and this involves also cooking the meals. A nice, feel good, engaging, proper slice of life, interesting, unique and other adjectives, josei manga- how delightful.

Comments by elfgeek [Rating: Actually, the whole plot with Kaoru, since the attempted suicide, was just bad. She is definetly one of the best Japanese actresses out there. And then, when they change theme into feelings, there is suddenly whole chapter only about this.