Well, it’s not a bad emphasis on bad relationship. On the other hand, I cannot stand Park Han Byul. We were 28 minutes into a 56 minute show before KH and MW had any interaction. Thanks for the recap, JB! After Min-woo makes the announcement that he and Kae-hwa are dating, he smiles at the press, gets up, and walks out coolly. I have no idea how to label them at this point. This episode I realized what the problem was. Episodes by odilettante.

Download the latest version here. Especially on Kae Hwa’s side? Can’t they go there instead of running away at the first signs of the paparazzi encamp at his doorsteps? But her vexation is almost satisfaction enough. Like eating chicken salad for lunch, when what you really wanted is a juicy hamburger. The plot’s moving along nicely; I can’t wait to see what they do with the rest of the episodes. Thank you for pointing out the details in their developing relationship.

And another reason I love this drama In the car, where she’s peeved and giving it to him over his announcement: Episodes by LollyPip. She was the epdfama in Jolly Widow. OhI did’nt notice that i was the first to comment hehe: Or rather, hard for anyone NOT to believe that he does care deeply for her. Si-won is so charismatic!!!!

Their knowing looks and giggling add insult to injury. But as all other comments, with 2 episodes left, how can they be involved romantically?

But unlike Mijoo, Ye-eun isn’t smiley all the time, she is kind of a sad kid. Kae Hwa at the ending. She gripes that his comment should have been about her, not Kae-hwa. Unable to get through to Min-woo, ,y harangues Tae-gu into calling him to the smoothie shop. He asks if she really did blackmail Min-woo, because that makes more sense to him than a romance.

I’m wondering if we can still have a satisfying conclusion.


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I agree with everyone that Choi Siwon is so good in this drama As she is annoyed that Min-woo is answering this call when he ignored hers, Yura eavesdrops and hears him confirming the hotel room number. Min-woo asks what he should have done — in the moment, that epizode the best he could eperama. Episode 6 by Helcat. I admit I wasn’t as bored with her this episode if only because it’s kind of fun to see her not getting what she wants. Although I do epddrama to disagree about the chemistry between Min Woo and Kae hwa.

It’s kind of sad that Choi Si Won is the entire drama whenever anyone else is on, it’s kind of boring even though Yura, lwdy not someone I’m hating on, is becoming hilarious to watch as she realizes she’s getting pushed to the side and her frustration cracks me up. MW and Adjuma have a connection to the point of not realizing their feelings. Sooo enjoyed the Yoo-ra stinkface moments too. I loved the scene in the car where MW asks KH how her day was– that conversation was so much like an old married couple, it was ridiculous.

Oh! My Girl – 01

LOHD is also lite fare, and quite enjoyable for those who are or are not convinced that Siwon is now a bonafide star.

While it’s a cute drama, the writers and director have unfortunately created a friend-friend drama, instead of the man-woman romance it was meant to be. Thanks lwdy keeping up the recaps on this epislde, JB. Thanks for the recap. I love that he thinks to grab her purse for her, which is one of those small gestures that indicates intimacy. Yeah I thought the same thing when I saw the bridge.

I like it, but I don’t know if I’m going to like it progressing into a romantic relationship. I know epdgama her hairstyle leaves much to be desired Episode 4 by Regals. The way he just went MinWoo just got out of the car, pissed goes in, and just shoves the reporter epdra,a the purse, hee, grabbing the purse, which girl wouldn’t notice that little tidbit. Yura tries to contain her shock and fishes for an explanation, trying to steer him into confiding the truth.


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Thank you for pointing out the details in their developing relationship. Hope to see him acting in a new drama in the near future. But after 12, I don’t know, I see that a bond has been formed with them first. D This episode was really good Agee with 5 Lady of Spice. Just thinking about him makes me want to instantly faint. For me, this drama is fun and undemanding. Let’s give our boy Siwon a big hand!!!! I see him as a harmless inconvenience in the big scheme of things, even if he does end up taking back his money.

His phone rings, and he steps aside to answer. I only saw each scene once, but they seemed really familiar or maybe all bridges look similar to episoee, I don’t know.

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I agree about Park Han Byul. Jae-hee even gets an email from someone interested in sponsoring the musical.

They pick up Ye-eun and head home, but when they pull up to the building, there are more people waiting in front.