If response is qt , try either fltk or gnuplot one may be faster than the other. Thu 26 May Powered by Savane 3. I solved it creating empty directory ‘packages’ in C: The Octave code in question is correct. The purpose of oct2mat is to make up for the lack of missing functions in Matlab and make code written for Octave run in Matlab.

Subsequent simple plots renders pretty quickly, usually under 1 second. If this doesn’t work, then there is something deeply wrong with the Octave build you have. For Cygwin, one should install X11 and gnuplot for cygwin by CYgwin setup command. Thanks for any help. Strangely, when plot windows freeze and I must close octave windows, they will be unresponsive too. Figuring out how much power is needed and what to use to provide it 3.

I don’t know why. Windows 7 64 bit Octave 4. If the response is fltk and your plot window is freezing, then switch the default toolkit to gnuplot: Run the X server and you will obtain an xterm window.

Which discrete component modelling to use? Do cell arrays and comma separated lists work at all on the Windows build? Johan, if you have a X server problem on cygwin we should discuss on the cygwin mailing list. It’s brought here because this question is much easier to find. Run octave from it and you will be able to plot with graphics. In my case, the default toolkit was “qt”, Both “gnuplot” and “fltk” worked. If so, you can add your encouragement to it.


Octtave 5 saved me. It was not really 5 minutes but only 30 secs for me. I have this exact problem, however, using a cyqgwin1. The Octave plot function is generating a “printer-plot” in the command window. This task has 0 encouragements so far.

Install xterm, gnuplot, xorg-server, xinit. Does it because I’m using 64 bit version?

Random Hacks from Dr. C: MATLAB Alternatives – Octave and Matplotlib

If Octave is open please close it too. After this imshow still fails at this line in the same file: If workung is qttry either fltk or gnuplot one may be faster than the other. Saurabh Saurabh 1 6. Therefore you cannot use the full features of gnuplot graphics toolkit. Please log inso followups can be emailed to you. Ted – install the x server system. Mon 16 May So on windows, this worked for me: XWinrc not found [ In my case the default was “qt”. Install gnuplot to C: How to workinf current with a digital oscilloscope?

Assad Ebrahim Assad Ebrahim 4, 6 32 Post layout simulation in cadence using silterra 0. Save the file and exit the Notepad.

Octave plot graphics window

Thu 26 May Many thanks to you and all who helped me with this issue! Data over audio tones 2. Invalid call to strcat. cgwin


Check the value of str before the call to strcat. Further plots appeared instantly. Thanks for any help.

The purpose of oct2mat is to make up for the lack of missing functions in Matlab octavf make code written for Octave run in Matlab. Thank you for your interest in this question. I see no reason to raise this issue on the octave bug tracker Regards Marco. Please tell me how to fix this.

The problem is likely to be the graphics toolkit which your installation of Octave is using. You should start octave inside xterm and with X11 server running of course. So, can you try the following set of commands in gnuplot at the command line. Octave plotting problem with Cygwin Cygwin 1. Anubhav Gupta Anubhav Gupta 9 9. Please note for the first time it might take gnuplot upto 5 minutes to render the graph.

But reinstalling gnuplot did!