The following day, Rikuo misses the last bus from school and is returned home by Karasu Tengu. Retrieved August 10, Nurarihyon rushes to Osaka Castle to save Yohime. Verification code check your email for the verification code. They spar but Rikuo is brought to his knees when one of Tamazaki’s subordinates, Yosuzume, sneaks up and blinds him with her touch. It is then that Rikuo’s grandfather, Nurarihyon, met him for the first time and after defeating Gyuki in battle requested that he join them as a member of their family. Karasu Tengu, who has followed Nurarihyon rescues him but they are blinded by Yosuzume.

During the fight, Rikuo comes to understand the real power of Nurarihyon and manages to cut the fear of his enemy. Kana decides to follow them since she’s jealous of the relationship between Rikuo and Tsurara. Create Account Return to Login. Year At the next general meeting of the clan Rikuo announces his intention to succeed his grandfather and pardons Gyuki for his conduct. Rikuo has taken ill following the overuse of his powers. Rikuo gains Tsurara’s trust and together they fight using the Matoi technique, managing to sever one of Tsuchigumo’s arms. Despite his weak constitution, Zen wants to fight.

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Kana becomes trapped in the mirror world but is able to tell her friends about her predicament through a spirit doll that was a gift from Kiyotsugu. Inugami proves no match for ‘night’ Rikuo but before he an be dispatched, Tanuki shows up and whisks him away. While Rikuo is heading home he encounters Tamazuki, the figure behind all of the attacks. Year While Rikuo trains, Kejoro tries to raise the morale of the Nura clan. The battle between Tamazuki and Rikuo carries on past the break of dawn, when Rikuo usually ov to his human form.

Akagappa c,an to help them. Meanwhile Rikuo fights Gozumaru, who tried to kill Tsurara. Rikuo once again uses the Matoi technique, this time with Itaku, and they are able to defeat Tsuchigumo. Above the castle, Mamiru and Ryuji distract Hagoromo Gitsune to allow Yura and Hidemoto to seal Nue in his chrysalis, but Tsuchigumo interferes due to his desire to fight Nue.


Nurarihyon is left no choice but to send his grandson to Tono Village to train him and greatly improve his skills as Rikuo’s current abilities are lacking.

Later Yura came late to the scene after Kappa and Night Rikuo left. Archived from the original on October 1, Rikuo has taken ill following the overuse of his powers. This episode is a recap of the episodes Retrieved from ” https: Kurotabo then demonn to use Matoi with Rikuo. Season 2, Episode 21 – Nura: Use a connected account.

Rikuo and his clan land their damaged ship on a river in downtown Kyoto.

Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. He easily brushes Rikuo’s defenders aside and is about to kill Rikuo but the sun sets and Rikuo takes on his night form.

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Verification code check your email for the verification code. The battle between Rikuo and Tsuchi-Gumo reaches its climax. Episdoe becomes one with himself and has to come to the realization that no epjsode what, he is the Third Heir. The battle between Ryuji and Rikuo begins. During the fight, Rikuo comes to understand the real power of Nurarihyon and manages to cut the fear of his enemy.

Rikuo, in his night form, saves Kana at the last second.

In time he also came to be known as Gyuki. Suddenly, although he is too weak to fight, Nurarihyon appears before her asking questions about his son’s murder.

Meanwhile the Sokokuji Temple second seal is under attack from an unexpected enemy, Akifusa. Before she dies, Yamabuki Otome reveals that as part of their plan to eliminate Rihan, Abe no Seimei and Sanmoto Gorozaemon used Soul Rebirth on her and manipulated her memories. They were bundled with the limited edition releases of volumes 24 and 25 of the manga. Only four seals prevent Hagoromo Gitsune from achieving her goal.


Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Much comedy ensues while they explore his house against his wishes. Ryuji uses his ultimate weapon and challenges Rikuo – if he can survive for three minutes, he wins.

She decides to pay a visit to Lord Senba’s shrine, but Lord Sodemogi is headed to the same place to continue his killing spree of local deities. Rise of the Yokai Clan 5: Feedback Please submit a suggestion, comment or question – we would love to hear from you!

You are successfully logged out. After his father died, his mother left him at a monastery.

Yura’s grandfather officially passes the authority of Keikain House to her and dies. On his way home Rikuo meets up with Ryota Neko, the head of the cat clan, who is being chased by minions of the rat clan.

Remember me Forgot password? Meanwhile, Tsurara, who has been searching for Rikuo since she lost track of at the beginning of the battle, arrives in the nick of time and blocks the blow. Because of this Rikuo and the elders have to put up with more bodyguards. She lags behind the others and is spirited away by a boy and the Nijunanamen Senju Mukade.

Rise of the Yokai Clan 6: Hagoromo Gitsune’s host is revealed to be Yamabuki Otome, Rihan’s first wife. In the village, he meets new friends who help him discover his true self as well as better understand what being Nurarihyon means.

To their surprise, Nurarihyon asks her to be his wife.