Then I drank her blood. Eventually, he was found in Fergana, Uzbekistan, after hiding out in the Ural Mountains. Retrieved from ” https: Upon his return, he committed three more murders. He entered the military service; he traveled to Europe and then returned to Kazakhstan. Twice I grilled the heart and the kidneys. Later, in order to eliminate panic, a refutation was given by the authorities. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev earned his nickname “Metal Fang” after being fitted with an unusual set of white metal dentures.

The cannibal was exposed and returned to a psychiatric hospital in Kazakhstan, where he remains to this day, but the murderer says that he dreams that court will accept the evidence of his recovery and release him. Incredibly, raping his victims’ wounds wasn’t even the most disturbing act Dzhumagaliev subjected his victims to after murdering them. I melted the fat to fry with, and some parts I pickled. But on the next day, on December 19, , he was arrested together with his relative. Russian lawyer Yuri Antonyan notes: I laid down on the ground and crouched next to the murder. I then folded these pieces into a backpack and carried them home. Hearing my footsteps, she turned around, but I caught up with her and put my arm around her neck, dragged her to the side of the landfill.

The meat dzhurmogaliev this woman took me a month to eat. Over the course of two years, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev murdered at least seven womenkilling his first victim in January when he was 27 years old. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Many sources reported another escape by Nikolai. Sexual “serial” murders have common characteristics that are always associated with the intimate life of the perpetrator, his psycho-traumatic sexual experiences, his feelings of sexual inadequacy and inferiority, which allows one to call such murders sexual.

He managed to evade the shocked policemen, escaping into the mountains. Then, ineverything changed. There he is engaged in the repair of small equipment. While detained for that crime he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, though subsequently released as the shooting had been ruled an accident.

He murdered many of his other victims near the riverfront in a public park after he lured them to a secluded area and hacked them to death with an axe.


Later, in order to eliminate panic, a refutation was given by the authorities. In a police investigation two years later Dzhumagaliev would recount the event in his own words, detailing everything that happened in the woods, and how, once he got home, things got even worse. Dzhurmongakiev of a chat, however, he killed the guest.

Dzhumagaliev raped his victimsreportedly before killing them and even after they were dead, making him a necrophiliac. The man tried to commit suicide twice, without success. Only two years later, he was arrested and returned to the mental hospital. The same Nikolai confessed to killing and committing acts of cannibalism, adding that two women can provide enough fine meat to survive a week.

Dzhumagaliev also said nikoai at the scene of his first murder, he drank the young woman’s blood after slitting her throat. Retrieved 8 January He was declared insane and imprisoned in a mental hospital until escaping inbut was recaptured two years later, and is currently serving his sentence.

Specialists studying serial killers strongly disagree with the conclusions from the clinic’s doctors. Home news Crimini tortures homicides serial killers serial killer dzhurmongalieb serial killer women serial killer kids serial killer couples murderers killer men killer women killer kids cannibals massacres Cronaca nera italiana Killer giapponesi Criminali russi e killer russi misteri Ghost Tour paranormal exorcisms ghosts cursed objects cursed dolls haunted houses cursed movies Aliens prophecies unsolved mysteries mysterious people mysterious places mysterious objects legends legends urban legends strange creatures superstitions Recensioni books film videogames altro racconti Paesi Giappone Italia curiosities Video accidents animal attacks necrophilia Conoscici Contatti Chi Sono Collaboratori Collabora con Emadion!

This Metal-Fanged Cannibal Escaped Twice – Now He’s On The Run

As a young man he lost a few front teeth and replaced them with metal teeth. Questo sito utilizza cookie.

Getty Images Police hold Nikolai Dzhumagaliev after his recapture. Dzhumagaliev decided to end his adventures by staging a theft, intending to return to Tashkent and go to prison for a minor crime.

He used his hunting skills, ones he had learned from hunting animals in the mountains, to stalk a young peasant woman who lived near a mountain track. His plan was successful, and in Aprilfor the theft of sheep, Dzhumagaliev was seized in Fergana. He especially hated European women, whom he met while doing military service, as he considered them too free and far from his ideals. The incest and torture of Fred and Rose West January 1, He Murdered Several Women.


Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – Wikipedia

Whatever the cause, during those two years, Nikolai Dzhumagaliev planned his first and most intricate murder. He attacked his first victim while she was walking alone in an isolated area. But on the next day, on December 19,he was arrested together with his relative.

According to Dzhumagaliev, he removed his first victim’s ovaries and cut her breasts into strips, which he placed in his fim and took back to his home. Terrified residents in Almaty, Kazakhstan, claim to have seen him dzuhrmongaliev after the reported breakout.

Sign up Log out news. While I was lying in my cold hands. In one of his confessions he described in detail one of his murder. Nikolai took advantage of this opportunity to escape, since during the transfer he was only accompanied by a nurse.

Over the course of just two years, Dzhumagaliev took the lives of several victims, making him one of the world’s most notorious Soviet serial killers.

Youtube Dzurmongaliev Dzhumagaliev shortly before joining the Soviet Army. On television, the head of one of Skrynnik’s victims was shown. At this point, from the village appeared [a bus]. You might also like. He hid in the mountains for two years, mainly in Kyrgyzstan, where he collected medical plants for food, exchanging them for food with the local population.

Over the next few months he killed six more women, cannibalizing each of them and storing their flesh in his fridge so he could save it for later. Crazed Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, 63, was jailed in after admitting to killing and eating his victims. The police tracked down the author of the false report, who turned out to be a nikloai female resident from Dzhumagaliev’s native village.

Then I fklm her blood.