Libby can’t believe it. Lucas joins them to encourage Steph to each the cake too. Meanwhile, Toadie discovers his romantic getaway with Sonya is being gate-crashed by Eli. But Susan gets upset and says she can only see hurt in Libby’s eyes now where there once used to be a trusting girl. Tomorrow on Neighbours Lucas trying to chat to Steph. Lyn tells Steph to rest and she’ll get her a cuppa.

Number 28 Karl can tell that Susan is fretting, but he says it won’t help, they stood by Libby, what else were they supposed to do? Lassiter’s Complex Susan and Lyn make idle chit chat about the weather but soon realise they need to get their grievances out in the open. Second Commercial Break Charlie’s Bar Lucas is watching the pool game from the bar, where Zeke is performing some complicated shot that involves him crouching on the ground. Oh how are we going to tell Libby. Number 24 Steph and Lucas go over the figures as Sophie plays guitar hero in the background. Natasha is looking forward to school as an escape from Michael’s love life.

He suggests to Lucas that he takes 60013 out so he can chat to Steph, which he then does they’re off to see Callum. Lassiter’s Complex Susan and Lyn make idle chit chat about the weather but soon realise they need to get their grievances out in the open.

Number 26 Steph takes a deep breath before entering the nursery episoe after entering and seeing it, quickly backs out. Something to remember him by.

Neighbours Full Episode 21st June

She explains to Sonya and Toadie that she’s at a loose end and wonders what they are up to. Neighbokrs 24 Steph and Lucas go over the figures as Sophie plays guitar hero in the background.


She buries her head in it breathing in its scent then puts it back in the episoed. Declan suffers more rudeness from Kate, Steph even worse from Libby, who also acts jealous about Lucas, whose attempt to distract and console Steph mate-wise seems to backfire. Lyn lies and says she isn’t. Too many lies have been told. Lyn still thinks there might be some truth in the emails, though, and that Rebecca needs to know about it.

If you have cake you have chocolate cake. Charlie’s Summer goes to get the drinks and chats to Kyle at the bar. And we’ve had some good times I think we can try. Lyn realises that Sonya is right.

It’s all about Rebecca. You got the first one when Diana was arrested? Meanwhile Natasha sets in a motion a scheme to push Michael and Ruby together one last time before Ruby leaves.

No, mum that’s not true. Kyle Canning credit only Carla Bonner Lyn letting rip at the Kennedy’s. Kate is still ignoring him, and he decides enough is enough and has a go at her for not at least being civil towards him.

The jury’s still out on that one. Mary Annegeline Ruby Rogers: Tash reports that he’s fine and coming back to school and she’s practically single.

Sophie fears Callum has got a crush on her. Lyn comes in and tells Sonya that she doesn’t think it’s a good time. Steph, where’s the baby? She went over and said things he couldn’t because he’s too gentle. Lyn thinks they might want to be found out. Harold’s Store Everyone is tucking into their brekkie as Callum shows off the medal to Steph, wondering how much it will fetch on eBay! Libby Kennedy Chris Milligan Did you think it would make everything better. Toadie was supposed to be looking after Steph!


But Susan doesn’t want to stir things up in case she’s wrong; Rebecca’s under enough stress at the moment. Scott McGregor Diana Marshall: Rebecca and Declan go in to see Paul and Susan looks relieved – once Paul wakes up properly they can finally found out who the culprit is.

Shortland Street 6013 Episode 21st June 2016

neighbour Meanwhile Donna returns with a renewed appreciation for the Kennedys. Lib says that if neihhbours ever needs to talk about things – even things that involve Steph as much as it pains her – she promises to listen. Mahesh Jadu Sonya Mitchell: Lyn can’t believe what’s going on and begs Toadie to try and talk to her because Steph listens to him.

After the way you treated her? But Karl says that all Libby can do is be there for Lucas. Later Lou is pleased to see Lucas is working on his laundry and that he’s helping Steph too. Just then Lyn bursts in demanding to know what happened. Summer Hoyland Scott Major Lucas faces a huge dilemma, and Sophie’s crush ndighbours a wedge between her and Callum. Natasha excuses herself from Summer and drags Kyle away to tell him he’s over doing it.

Shortland Street Episode 21st June

They agree to be mates and hug it out, but cling to each other a little too tightly before breaking apart. Steph feels ambushed and takes off with Woody, leaving Lyn to face the posibility she’s lost her for good. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: