Natasha thinks Ruby is going to break her Dad’s heart and pushes her into breaking up with Michael. Declan decides to go through with his plan to protect Rebecca and leave Paul behind. Neighbours Season 26 Episode 4: Episode October 21 st , Zeke saves the day at PirateNet, and saves Sophie from being the target of Callum’s childish behaviour. Episode July 26 th , On cue, Andrew rides in to save the day — can Donna resist his charms?.. Declan is so messed up. Under pressure, Declan confesses to pushing Paul Robinson.

Something is bound to give. What else doesn’t he know about his own father? If Diana didn’t do it, then who did? Susan disagrees with Libby’s stance and drops a bombshell – she saved the letter Steph wrote to her when the secret first came out and she thinks Libby should read it. Episode November 17 th , Michael discovers that Rebecca and Paul’s relationship isn’t a bed of roses! Monday 11th January – Episode Can Steph get over her own guilt in time to be there for badly-injured Lucas? The Kennedys are at odds over Libby’s decision to hold back on her testimony.

The strain is also getting to Sonya, who doesn’t much care for the underhanded side of Toadie.

She is shocked that her friends kept it a secret from her. Karl and Zeke are at loggerheads over Mia.


Susan disagrees with Libby’s stance and drops a bombshell – she saved the letter Steph wrote to her when the secret first came out and she thinks Libby should read it.

Thursday 28th January – Episode Callum and Sophie struggle with high school politics. Episode December 1 stKate finds out Declan told complete lies to keep her from dating Detective Brennan. But Susan argues back, telling him how badly he had affected her and that he wasn’t fit to be a teacher, leading him to confess to the police.

Paul’s woken up from his coma but instead of being relieved, tension rises in the family.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Steph finally get together and share the good news with family and friends, until Steph makes a sudden decision to leave town Neighbours Season 26 Episode 8: Paul’s got other plans! Meanwhile, The Ramsay’s try to hide the fact they’re home alone. Episode September 14 th Episode August 26 th Episode May 19 th Declan gets up to help her pick them up and they talk. And after initial opposition from the dancers, they get on board, and Candace suggests they can continue this kind of work with a tour of shopping malls.

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Has she stumbled upon a killer?. Episode June 2 nd Episode March 16 th Christopher Milligan Dean Harman: Episode April 1 st It wasn’t easy for me to ask you out, either. Mary Annegeline Father Neithbours Corrigan: The Erinsborough lawman is not only trying to hide Steph’s episoee but also, with Diana’s help, masterminding a scheme to bring down Paul. Episode March 25 th Callum starts to dread his first day at high school.


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Donna decides to go to the trial Andrew’s frustrated at seeing his dad helpless and that Diana Marshall’s been released neighborus bail. Alicia Bonaddio Sergeant Ray Moller: Harry and Andrew clash over Ramsay Street’s newest arrival. Donna knows her dad Nick is likely to be less than enthusiastic about the hurried wedding, but she hasn’t banked on opposition from Andrew.

Donna struggles with post-schoolies guilt. Episode September 30 thStephy’s in trouble and Lyn calls on Libby to help. Episode December 16 thAndrew is presented with a moment to admit his true feelings to Tash but loses the courage Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Number 22 Andrew is writing a list, surrounded by food. Episode November 16 thToadie wants to use Steph’s Post Natal Depression as a defence strategy in Court, but Steph’s horrified at the thought of it and forbids Toadie from going there.