They interpreted this as confirmation of Mukhtar’s claims and returned to join him. Studies in Honour of Professor Carole Hillenbrand. Fitzpatrick, Coeli; Walker, Adam H. Views Read Edit View history. If we dont indulge ourself in Azadari then we may face ira of Lady Fatima P. The Umayyad army was defeated, and many of the senior Umayyad military leaders including Ibn Ziyad and Husayn ibn Numayr al-Sakuni were killed. Moshe Sharon describes this as an accurate description of his activities.

We welcome all international students who are interested to get knowledge about Imam Hussein a. They maintain that the allegations leveled against him regarding prophethood, his role in the Kaysanites sect, and his lust for power are Umayyad and Zubayrid propaganda. Three days after its departure from Kufa, Ibn al-Ashtar’s army returned and defeated the revolt. What is the meaning of my suffering? In 66 AH , Mukhtar feigned an offer of military support to Ibn al-Zubayr against an impending Umayyad attack on Medina with the ultimate intention of ousting the caliph. Karbala tv plays a role of regionally accredited online colleges. The Umayyad army was defeated, and many of the senior Umayyad military leaders including Ibn Ziyad and Husayn ibn Numayr al-Sakuni were killed.

What is my connection to the world around me? Their History and Doctrines. If we dont indulge ourself in Azadari then we may face ira of Lady Fatima P. Following the death of Husayn ibn Ali at the hands of the Umayyad army in Octoberhe allied with the rival caliph Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr in Meccabut the alliance was short-lived.

Like Our Fb Page: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the same time, Sulayman ibn Surad, a companion of Muhammad and an Alid supporter, rallied a group of people, who called themselves Tawwabinto fight the Umayyads to atone for their failure to support Husayn during the battle of Karbala.

He executed most of them, including Umar ibn Sa’ad and Shimr ibn Ziljawshan.

A short scene from the mokhtar narrative series which shows the death of mokhtar’s wife lady omreh He concludes that Mukhatr was nevertheless a sincere man who tried to eradicate the social differences of his time. The latter was appointed to replace Mukhtar’s father-in-law, Nu’man ibn Bashir, as governor due to Ibn Bashir’s benign attitude towards Ibn Aqil and his followers.


Ibn al-Hanafiyyah mukhhtar, citing his opposition to bloodshed. There, Mukhtar reportedly recommended that Hasan be handed over to Muawiyah in return for political episoode, but was rebuffed by his uncle.

The houses of many absconders were destroyed. Julius Wellhausen writes that although Mukhtar did not claim to be a prophet, he made every effort to create the impression that he was one, and spoke in a way as if he “sat in the counsel of God”. mikhtar

Having lost their commander, the Kufans retreated in the face of another Umayyad army. By the evening of Wednesday, 18 October, the government’s forces were defeated. The governor left the city after being bribed and threatened by Mukhtar.

Many people hold Mukhtar a liar who claimed prophethood and consider him an enemy of the Alids, who used their name to gain power, and executed Husayn’s killers to consolidate his support among pro-Alids.

Mukhtar attempted to gather support from Kufa’s environs, but Ibn Aqil’s revolt was defeated and he was episkde before Mukhtar returned to the city. Mukhtar signaled an early declaration of revolt to his troops by lighting fires.

His followers later developed into a distinct Shia sect and were called Kaysanites. Hasan was injured by a Kharijite near al-Mada’in and was brought to the home of Mukhtar’s uncle.


HEY guy’s Please subscribe to our channel and like, share and comment for more video. Husayn’s great-grandson Ja’far al-Sadiq is reported to have said: After his death, his followers formed a radical Shia [a] sect; later called Kaysanitesthey developed several novel doctrines and influenced later Shia sects.

Mukhtar e saqafee r. Mukhtar, however, employed the term in a messianic sense: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abbasids used this as a propaganda tool during their revolution to enhance their legitimacy claim and to appeal to pro-Alid masses.

To win over the hitherto unpersuaded Ibrahim ibn al-Ashtaran influential Alid partisan and head of the Nakhai tribe, Mukhtar presented him with a letter, which he claimed was authored by Ibn al-Hanafiyyah.

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The Making of a Civilization. An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God [2 volumes]. In Kufa, rumour spread that Mukhtar’s forces had been defeated and Ibn Anas slain. Apart from that, for those who are interested in online school and colleges can also take benifit from here.



The First Dynasty of Islam: Mukhtar was informed by people coming from Kufa that the city had come under Ibn al-Zubayr’s control but many Kufans were looking for an independent leader of their own.

Great Mosque of Kufa. Mukhtar, then thirteen years old, remained in Iraq after the Muslim conquest of this region, [2] and was raised by his uncle Saad ibn Masud al-Thaqafi. He claimed that he was the man they were looking for.

How can I live my life in the best way possible? A sizable portion of his army consisted of Kufan nobles, who had previously fled Mukhtar’s punitive measures.

As with Maqtal-namas narrating the story of Karbala, various Mukhtar-namas elaborating on the life and movement of Mukhtar, were written during the Safavid era. Karbala tv plays a role mukhtsr regionally accredited online colleges. The purpose is to show the real face of the characters of this movie.

Am I a good person? State University of New York Press.

Doubting the authenticity of Mukhtar’s claims, some Alid partisans from Kufa went to Ibn al-Hanafiyyah to inquire. Studies in Honour of Professor Carole Hillenbrand.

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All recent searches will be deleted. The Umayyad Caliphate AD Behlol Dana Urdu Movie Episode 1 itzme ali 7 years ago. Mukhtar subsequently informed Ibn al-Hanafiyyah of his foiled plan to seize the region for the Alid and offered to send another army to Medina if Ibn al-Hanafiyyah notified the city’s inhabitants that Mukhtar was working on his behalf. Modern historians’ views range from regarding him as a sincere revolutionary to an ambitious opportunist.

The idea is said to have been Mukhtar’s.