Consequently she declines her husband’s suggestion that she should return to America if there is a war and they agree to support each other. Business is still suffering after the newspaper story so Henri brings in the formidable journalist Winifred Bonfils Black. Pirates won its first hour among […]. Harry organises a special event in the Palm Court restaurant, in an effort to get the store back on track. Frank Edwards, with little sympathy from Selfridge, finds his war reports are censored by the government. The competition takes place around Dunedin — another sadly neglected New Zealand location — and features drivers from Rotorua, Tauranga, Christchurch and Dunedin. As the war progresses German goods are withdrawn from the store and Harry is approached by Bill Summertime, whom he met at the card game and who is part of British Intelligence. In a slightly Big Brother sort of way, the experts watch via secret cameras as the Feasters chomp through many more plates of sushi than the other participants.

Selfridge’s debts to D’Ancona come home to roost when his inability to pay starts to affect his family. Kitty gets her sister, Connie, a job at Selfridges to get her out of her house, where she is annoying her husband, Frank Edwards, who has started a book about out of work ex-soldiers that has an unintended consequence for his wife when she is attacked. Harry organizes a patriotic concert to benefit the troops, featuring a popular music hall tenor portrayed by Alfie Boe who gets Lady Mae his former stage partner to join him. Retrieved 26 February Agnes has supper with Henri Leclair. Don’t have an account? June The store is celebrating five years, and Harry and his wife, Rose, have become increasingly estranged. Ellen thinks about selling her story to the press but is forestalled by an offer from Frank Edwards.


Kitty Hawkins meets her heroine Elizabeth Arden who offers her a job in New York that does not please her husband. Pirates won its first hour among […]. Good fun, and a big hit in Australia, where a second season is in production.

You can read the announcement and access selcridge to the revised policies here. Selfridge and his wife finally confront one another; he flees to his club and a showdown with Ellen Love. There are four episodes, beginning with Witness: Expecting the great adventure to be over by Christmas, young men flock to enlist, including a large contingent of Selfridges staff.

Here’s how to watch the ceremony in Ireland.

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Mr Grove is not happy being passed over for promotion and lets Gordon, the new store deputy, give the new head of display approval for a new window display not realizing the embarrassment that it will cause. Roddy and his bohemian friends delay Rose Selfridge with the result that she misses the tea altogether. OTe Radar takes a poke at everything from pop culture to politicians.

Worth a shot but it’s nothing special. The final episode, Witness: Ron Cook as Mr. It seems that quests have been fulfilled, but swlfridge might be a case of be careful what you wish for.

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Rose Selfridge learns of the apartment from Lady Mae. Kitty Edwards leaves for her new job in New York and after seeking advice from Selfridge, Frank goes with her.

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Dissent in the loading bay between the women and returning men from war pose a problem, Victor Colleano is paying bribes to nr police to turn a blind eye to activities in his club, and George Towler resigns to work with him. Overwhelmed with sorrow, Selfridge crashes his car while drunk.


George Towler is unhappy that Colleano is turning a blind eye to drug taking at the club and walks out. Rose, Delphine and Lady Mae organise a chocolate sale to aid refugees. Lord Loxley gets his shady money-making plans off the ground. The series speaks to those American values of service many of the men are veterans as wellfamily and church and is thoroughly New York-specific, using real locations rather than Toronto as a stand-in.

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Please select your reason for reporting The part series tells the story of the founding of the famous Selfridges department store in London. Jimmy Dillon struggles to run Whiteleys as suppliers refuse to lift their embargo. July 15, 0 Comments. Selfridge’s young son Gordon goes alone to the store, learning he alone will inherit it someday. Also on his agenda is getting Henri’s name cleared once and for all.

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Mar 28, Rating: Retrieved 11 February Agnes doubts she has made sslfridge right choice in Victor Colleano. Returning from Germany, Selfridge finds his reputation in tatters and the store losing business.

Wire service provided by Associated Press. Miss Mardle receives a Belgian refugee as house guest, a violinist. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.