Mr Grove is not happy being passed over for promotion and lets Gordon, the new store deputy, give the new head of display approval for a new window display not realizing the embarrassment that it will cause. Lady Mae has begun an affair with Victor and he is cold to Agnes; Henri Leclair would like to become her suitor. Secret of the Sky Tombs. Crabb, the voice of tradition, asserts that no respectable woman would buy makeup. Masterpiece on Facebook Masterpiece on Twitter. Gordon chooses Miss Calthorpe against his father’s wishes.

Back at the store, Thackeray immediately tells Agnes that he suspects Henri of hiding something, because he is the worst at espionage ever. Rosalie has her possessions taken and Gordon has to sell the Northern stores through a deal Jimmy Dillon has brokered. Returning to the store he upsets Mae when he insists the Dolly Sisters take part in the promotion of her fashion wear. Lady Mae helps Selfridge win over the bankers in order to make a share issue; she also chaperones Rosalie Selfridge into high society. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Full of guilt about his adultery, Frank tells Kitty they should maybe reconsider having a child together. Secret of the Sky Tombs. Selfridge wants to do more for the war effort, so Delphine arranges a card game with several senior government figures who could help.

She hits the bullseye on the first try, because Rose is the best thing ever.

Episode #2.2

Aynopsis Mardle is reconciled with Mr Grove and his children. Both Harry and Henri want Valerie to stay on — Henri for personal reasons, as revealed when the two are in bed together — but she refuses; she belongs in New York. Know Your ‘Victoria’ History: War is declared between Britain and Germany.


Miss Mardle, who is rather lonely in the giant six-bedroom house she inherited from her brother, has invited Agnes to come and stay with her while George is at the front. Selfridge’s pursuit of the new homes project is thwarted by Crabb’s statement to the company board regarding its viability.

Jimmy Dillon struggles to run Whiteleys as suppliers refuse to lift their embargo. He also invites himself to the party to meet Selfridge. Agnes gets her brother George a job as a porter and abusive father Reg foists himself on them.

The girls instantly love her, and ask her to intercede for them about adding mirrors to the bathrooms in their area. Crabb has ordered him management manuals from America. Kitty Selfridgee leaves for her new job in New York and after seeking advice from Selfridge, Frank goes with her. They decide that they should have dinner, because their breakup like twenty years was probably a big mistake. When Mae arrives at Selfridges she tells Thackeray to dazzle her.

Leclair, cleared as a spy, is rearrested and handed over to the Americans for embezzlement. Grove decides to seqson undercover male security within the store.

Crabb, the voice of tradition, asserts that no respectable woman would buy makeup. A random, last gentlemen shows up to play named Bill Summertime, who sits down at the table with everyone else. Victor then takes the opportunity to synopiss Agnes if anything is going on between her and Henri.

It will be to our mutual advantage.

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To catch Kitty’s attackers, her husband has to reveal his involvement with the men, causing a strain on their marriage. Harry loves it, and the scent debuts with a beautiful window that Henri tells Agnes is hers. Not only is he ideal to headline Harry’s patriotic concert but His marriage comes under threat when Rose agrees to pose for young bohemian artist Roddy Temple.


Satisfied that she has won the power struggle with Henri, she goes home alone while Harry gambles, and fills the void with cocaine.

Mae reconnects with old-flame Victor Colleano, to Jimmy’s annoyance, at Selfridge’s party for the completion of the film. Selfridge becomes disturbed by memories of his own abusive father.

Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

Proceeding with his plan to buy land for housing, he finds himself bidding against Lord Synkpsis who attends the seson with the intent to inflate the price and pays double what he had intended. He praised the costume designers for their “astonishing attention to detail”. Miss Mardle’s attempt to help Doris Grove and the real father of her baby goes disastrously wrong. Agnes Towler Cal MacAninch Watch Now With Prime Video. Miss Calthorpe realises she has no future with Gordon Selfridge.

Meanwhile, Harry’s neglected friends talk, and although Henri tells Ellen she’s trouble for Harry, they come to a truce of sorts, with Henri even offering Ellen her own choice of poses for her next photo shoot. Delphine arranges a meeting for Selffidge with members of the military procurement board Harry has a chat with Mae on the shop floor in order to ask her a favor.

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Lady Mae has begun an affair with Victor and he is cold to Agnes; Henri Leclair would like to become her suitor. A Different Sort of Regency Romance. Kitty and Doris are rivals for the position of senior assistant subject to interview by Mr Grove.