I figure there’s maybe 3 or 4 of these tanks left in the world just recycling on eBay. You can always do a search on this site. You can’t get to within 30 ft of the end of the reel and then reverse the winding to keep up with the timer. Are these tanks motorized or just a lot easier to oporate than the Morse? Is there any Kodak literature that deals with rewind tanks? The spiral is clear plastic so you can do the reversal re-exposure through it. See this link for more info:

All you would need is a reversible motor, a switch that would rerverse polarity at Some guys want poorly processed film for a look. Does anyone make a motor setup for these or is there a motorized one alvailible? No slowing down to catch your breath and then speeding up to catch up with the timer. It can be accomplished with great care. You have hit the nail on the head.

Again, getting good uniformity can be an issue. Video, if you’ve ever used a spiral tank for stills, they’re similar, just with a much bigger spiral, not motorised.

I figure there’s maybe 3 or 4 of these tanks left in the world just recycling fi,m eBay. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

What’s the major differences between the two? I was wondering if you could use a MORSE G-3 16mm – 35mm developing tank to process several rolls of 35mm black and white still film.

When this tank was designed, I don’t think carpal tunnel syndrome was thought of. These tanks will process ‘ of film and pop up on e-bay all the time.


Does anyone make a motor setup for these or is there a motorized one alvailible? If one step of the process requires 5 minutes, that means 5 times of winding that ft of film from reel to reel. Unlike my corrupted Besler files, I checked the More file recently. I have used a similar unit to process 8mm cine film and I wasn’t sure if it would work with standard film. More put, it’s not longer processing times that will help, it’s the fact that the developing film is tightly wound in a roll and is not getting enough fresh developer to the surface of the film fast enough to replace the exhausted developer on the emulsion.

They sell well so someone must be using them! Jeff, I have used the Morse G3 to develop 16mm reversal and negative film. Rewind cine film processing Then there’s the Spiral processing tank. If a splice broke during development, tnk would be a disaster.

Several functions may not work. From what I hear it is better if you want the hand processed look, between the spiral and the bucket method. Posted 19 February – Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

MORSE G3 B 16 & 35 MM FLIM DEVELOPING TANK (MCA ) – Relics and Rarities

Try that with ft of dummy film once. It becomes a question of time and money verses ‘Is it worth it?


This guy sells them The LOMO looks like the best bet ot actually get some use. Sign In Need an account? It seems to me that would solve a plethera 35km problems including film through developer speed consistency and being able to have a beer while your working. It takes 50 ft of film in a reel that resembles a giant still camera tank.

Morse 16 & 35 Mm Film Developer Type G3 Model B2201

You’ll need additional equipment for mixing chemicals, storing the 335mm chemicals, temperature control, etc. Most of the ones on ebay are this model, meant for double-8, as with its leaders a spool of double-8 is 33′ long. You have to keep turning at a very even monotonous pace. I can’t believe I would be the only one to have thought of that, someone devloping have made one somewhere along the line with a motor on it. What timings did you use?

These tanks are usually classed as a “rewind tank”. Posted 18 November – No taking a sip of beer or wine folm cranking that’s why I stopped doing this. No way to remove rem-jet ECN-2 properly.