Ellah is a loving daughter who is willing to do everything for her family, especially when their father abandoned them for another woman. Jose brings his one-month-old sibling with him when he goes to school. Many on the staff admire his enthusiasm and the fact that he gets the job done. The story of cousins Jane and Lyka. Being the eldest daughter, Elha thought of ways to help her mother with their finances and started selling banana cue on the streets of Kamuning. Resty was in high school then while Charito just finished college when they became lovers. Fate challenges Josephine’s strength as a wife and a mother as the lives of her children go astray. It opened doors for her to begin the career she had always wanted and also gave her a taste of the show business.

She would also sometimes help her mother scavenge for junk to sell. Roque, a reserved type of guy who sought help from his younger brother Raul to win the heart of his childhood crush Merlinda. Bebeng and her husband together with their thirteen children enjoyed a happy family life until several tragedies came their way–their eldest son was diagnosed with cancer, their third daughter got pregnant early, their sixth son was epileptic, while her 12th daughter died because of pneumonia. Xerces, a very obedient son who brought nothing but achievements to their family. How will Andre deal with life’s challenges when his ultimate source of strength, his father, suddenly leaves his side? How did a sad news about an illness remove all the anger in ones heart and even made a families bond stronger? Fate challenges Josephine’s strength as a wife and a mother as the lives of her children go astray. How huge was the part of his wife and her three daughters in his success?

Despite having been abandoned by Jason when she delivered a stillborn baby, Andrea reconciles with her husband a year later, hoping to build the happy family she has always dreamt of with him. But dull world drastically changed when her mother even assisted her live-in partner in the act of rape. Lolong who’ll later be known as Medal of Valor awardee Lt. Toengi pairs up with Ryan Eigenmann for the third anniversary special”.

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Views Read View source View history. How did Daisy remain unfazed and determined to be her family’s source of strength? It is a choice to use the money for mivie family or to return the money to its rightful owner.


However, Rolland and Mary’s relationship began to turn sour when she decided to leave Rolland to work abroad. Mabel and her Uncle Delfin established a funeral parlor in their barangay. It’s like as if she has acquired a contagious disease with the way her mother avoids her ever since they’ve had a huge fight because of what she has become.

But when her life is put at stake, she ends up running away from home, leaving her children at the mercy of her kummot husband. What will Tirso do to stand up and fight for his love for Sheryl? Because of her closeness with him, Dua slowly begins to have less time for her friend Jayson Khalil Ramoswho secretly has feelings for her.

Or is this just an important test that will strengthen their relationship as a family? But his life takes a different course when his parents are murdered when he was just a child. But Nono stepped out and proved his love for Joie, prompting Joie to face her fear and believe everything Nono had promised. Joshua, at the age of 6, left his family in Antique with the hope of having a better life.

Feel Elena’s pain fill she discovers that her ideal husband Leo turned out to be married to someone else. Determined to rescue her kids, Dolly assumes a new identity so she can take them out her husband’s cruel hands. All articles with dead external links. To make ends meet, Ellah has to work as a clown while studying, which tests her patience not only kumog kids but also with life’s struggles. The episode finally aired June 30, after given rated SPG for final televised airing.

Her older brother eventually learns about her vices and asks her to leave their home.

Can Alyssa abandon the women who raised her and sacrificed their own dreams just to give her a better future? Being the eldest daughter, Elha thought of ways to help her mother with their finances and started selling banana cue on the streets of Kamuning.

A story of a family that was shattered by domestic violence, which later caused the 13 fulp to go on separate ways. At the age of 16, he was able to establish the Dynamic Teen Company which provides alternative education by recreating school settings in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and dump sites. Fate challenges Josephine’s strength as a wife and a mother as the lives of her children go astray.


They would have to go through a difficult “Romeo septembrr Juliet” journey, with Sheryl’s father doing everything that he can to separate them from each other.

Francis begins to change when he meets the charming and confident nun named Joanna, who asked him to get involved in a non-government organization that sympathizes with radical groups. Because of his sexual preference, Arnie shocked everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Zyra. At first, the brothers were happy with the fact that they look alike and even used it to their advantage.

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April is a teenager who was born with cerebral palsy. Grace and Philip both long for the love of their father Manuel. Piolo PascualMaricar Reyes. Emily 214 is a feisty year-old is always there to protect her best friend Diane, 18, whenever they find themselves in trouble.

She aspires for a better life and longs to marry a man who can provide her that. Discover how a differently abled man who experienced discrimination, maltreatment, and physical abuse from other people found the courage to live a normal life, and how he helped other differently abled people who have become victims of social injustice.

Maja Salvador plays the role of Judy who has never had a boyfriend, but believes that her sense of humor and talent for acting should be enough to attract lumot guy. The story of best friends Susan and Cecile, whose friendship is strained because of one guy, Rope, Cecile’s ex-boyfriend, who is now courting Susan.

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Instead of playing with friends, Jonah was stuck with Fidel. Magdalena wanted to have a part on their business but Mabel would not hear it. Gretchen has been semi-bald ever since she was a kid. She has never entertained guys who 20144 to court her.