View all 3 comments. Funke seems to have acquired literary hindsight over time. Jayne Entwhistle’s audio reading didn’t help matters. Edward was giving him a way out. So basically it was like being a confused puppy! Alfons recoiled slightly from the intensity of the stare.

Otherwise, a magical and engaging story with lots of twists. See all 9 questions about The Golden Yarn…. And then there were Jacob and Fox. He’s the one bringing all the progress to Mirrorworld for which alone I’d want to kill him. All he knew was that strong fingers clamped around his wrist, and then-. After years of waiting, I finally could return to MirrorWorld. That’s one of the great things about Cornelia’s worlds, for me.

You know how to seriees out, if a book is really good? He couldn’t begin to guess what exactly his friend was serues to prove, but certain parts of him were enjoying the situation immensely.

He had to be a demon, how else could Edward, who had only one hand, overpower him? Does anybody know when this is coming out???? Edward’s fingers were still tight on his wrist, and Alfons found the palm of his hand once again lying against Edward’s chest. The plot involves a LOT of travel, but yet it’s not dull!

Before the German had taken two steps, Edward was on top of him. Unsinn wie dieser Satz: But, needless to say, I loved the book all the same. I liked the part of the part of the story set in Moskva best, the description of the city was so vivid, the characters had a bit of breathing space and I even liked Orlando Tennant.

The Golden Yarn

Refresh and try again. And she is already working on the next I heard.

And then we have Jacob and Fuchs. Pick one, whatever you like the most. Ansonsten mag ich Jacob und Fuchs einfach sehr! Es gibt wirklich wenige Autoren die hearttless verstehen, Welten so zu erschaffen, dass sie aus sich selber heraus weiterleben ohne das Buch und sogar ohne den Autor.


Mirrorworld Chapter 1: Demonic Influence, a fullmetal alchemist fanfic | FanFiction

What will become of Will and Nerron and Sixteen? But maybe it’s just me that have been building too many castles int he clouds. The opening chapter describes a dark faerie watching a princess give birth. She has two children, two birds and a very old dog and lives in Los Angeles, California.

The Golden Yarn (MirrorWorld, #3) by Cornelia Funke

Jacob and Fox are swept up into so many different tasks and treasure hunts; Jacob’s brother Will once again follows him through the mirror to search for a remedy for Clara as something has been done to her – something not of our world. Just like with my heart. I have read the series twice now, which is a pretty good idea before reading the third book. All the old characters are in this book as well as plenty of new ones.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. When I say “I love dark fairy tale”, this book actually delivers what I want.

An immortal who had grown to actually love only to get her supposedly non-existing heart broken? Jacob also comes into contact with mirrorworkd father after about a decade, but it isn’t the tearful reunion we would expect!

Also, I love the immportals the author created. Her manner was mitrorworld unsuited to the material. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I’m so addicted to this series it’s becoming ridiculous. Aug 08, Alyssa Johnson rated it it was amazing. Stay ahead with Tip Sheet! Ich gebe offen zu – ich habe sowohl den ersten, als auch den zweiten Band dieser And I can finally be a storyteller for all heartlesx.


This is so not cool. Frantically he pushed harder against Edward’s chest, previous feeling completely forgotten, but it didn’t change anything. Edward was giving him a way out.

How else could he be alive with no heartbeat? View all 5 comments. Obviously Edward was some sort of heartlese, sent to tempt him. Nur 4 Heartoess, weil es einfach zu wenig ausgearbeitet ist. As she speaks, Funke exudes confidence in her decision to become a publisher. The characters are my precious children of stab and bad decisions and tragedy.

When you read and read and the remaining pages diminish, you are devastated, because you only have about pages left! Pick Your Poison Honestly one of my most favourite ships of ever.

Will you let me prove it to you. It just inspires me so much Will, Jacob’s brother, was one of the best turns of this book, but Jacob and Fux are still very, very good characters. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why though. We plan to release it through iTunes and also as a paperback.

Could you please put that somewhere else? Published December 1st by Breathing Books first published January 1st Mirrorwworld ist die Puste ausgegangen. She’s an imaginative and original voice.