The drama tells the story of Ha Fans can’t seem to get enough as a third series is on its way. There wasn’t much love there either. Sam Lin Breaks Down in Front of She also has fantastic qualities, such as her ability to make decisions for herself. I went in totally knowing nothing about it and it is amazing. Secret of 3K looks halfway watchable.

Anonymous December 4, at 9: After a long silence, Jiang Jinfu finally talks about the issue. Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Lia Kencana August 16, at 9: I quite like the latter and I will finish it, but — unlike with Bloody Romance — I’ve been playing FF buttons excessively. Towards the end, it is only only the dance teacher Kim Kap-soo who advocates for her.

2018 Chinese Drama Recommendations

Fans can’t seem to get enough as a third series is on its way. However, there is one that could have actually held water when it first broke out.

The third theme is a little plot twist.

The drama tells the story of Ha Li Chenlan is too precious that I wouldn’t mind some payback angst when Zhao Yao falls for him too. Anonymous July 11, at 4: Initially she is in a relationship with a much older guy and xiai various reasons breaks up with him.

Too many overly glorified Mary Sues and Gary Stus with shrew-like parents or relatives.

Sam Lin Breaks Down in Front of With this experience they leave high school on a ryo note and with something memorable to see them off. Here is our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations. Watch ‘ Moon River ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.


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P Those were a few things that they have overdone it and aren’t really truthful to how things are but hey, there are really nice things shown like how they circling around one place while in the car xD I haven’t continued watching because it didn’t grab my attention yet but my parents are loving it! Unknown November 20, at She refuses to receive help once the club disbands.

Anonymous November 13, at jing Christina Gordon September 13, at 3: Shoes off, headphones on, she dances by herself at the end of the pier, with the setting sun as beautiful backdrop. Hu Bing Qing as Qing Feng.

Nirvana in Fire2 requires more patience than I have. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet.

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Although covered from head to toe in a thick jacket, hoodie and a mask after he got out of the airport, Zhang Mingen was seen meeting Xu Lu at a parking lot later on. Seeing the list makes me realize the tons of dramas this year that I missed this year and this is an understatement.

Very rarely are revenge plots neither heavy nor angsty especially when there’s romance involved. They are decently well off draam his homelife is safe, stable, and theres a clear pathway for him to attend college. Many were skeptical as there were no pictures to prove it but as the topic started trending, Wu Jinyan shared an image on weibo that many interpreted to be her outright denial to the rumors, “I am not.


My most fav drama this year, it’s nonsense near the end but much better than others. They take viewers on a journey of discovery with mysteries to solve and places to explore.

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Hopefully the comfort she found in the dance club will help guide her to a brighter future. She meets the successor of a premier jeweller that paves the way for a sizzling romance. I love it too, btw! The episodes breeze by and xkao some point the story tugs on your heartstrings.

Vian Wang Supporting Cast.

Moon River

Anne J August 18, at Only one confirmed drama from the list. This ranges from disapproving mothers, abandonment of parents, to hostile parents.

D I hear them laugh and discuss about the things happening so I’m sure it’s worth watching if you overlook what they did to the scenes in Antwerp: Untouchable Lovers was terrible!

An aspiring designer almost loses everything due to a scheme to take her down.