Space Pals , https: In a series of unfortunate events, Etho eventually ignites TNT, [22] destroying Spaz, starting a feud between Etho and the creepers. Horticulturist ended in [2]. Hot Sand , https: Whenever Spaz moves, he triggers more dispensers, shooting arrows towards Etho. Throughout Etho’s Let’s Play and related series, several jokes or recurring subjects have spawned either made by Etho himself or his viewers.

Topics Youtube , video , Gaming , minecraft , mine , craft , video , game , episode , ethoslab , etho , ethos , lp , let’s , lets , play , tutorial , guide , tips , tricks , world , tour , map , single , player , creative , creeper , zombie , skeleton , boat , cart , station , survival , dispenser , beta , epic , mob , trap , monster , spawner , grinder , eats , redstone , red , stone , circuit , detector , water , lava , fire , home , house , base , design , mining , digging , diamond , fun , notch , mushroom , pumpkin , melon , xp , farm , wolf , blaze , dragon , potion , enchanting , nether , wart , villager , slime , silverfish , storage ,. In other languages Add links. Mindcrack is an organization of YouTubers who made videos on the Mindcrack server. In episode of Etho Plays Minecraft, Etho started a segment at the end of his videos where he reads a comment from the Book and Quill – then a recent addition to the game from the 1. Horticulturist ended in [2]. Whenever Spaz moves, he triggers more dispensers, shooting arrows towards Etho.

He decided to do this because it allow him to get resources more easily and because he believes recording is easier in the cave. Pearl Fun [31] Episode Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! They meet once again in episode 68, for the subscriber special, Spaz and Etho episodw a game of chicken.


Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode Emerald City – EthosLab Unofficial –

Space Palshttps: The project was spread over almost Let’s Play episodes, with some additional modifications made in episode Ethosab Spaz moves, he triggers more dispensers, shooting arrows towards Etho. Pranking OCD Zisteauhttps: Spaz first appeared in episode 25 of Etho Plays Minecraft for his Subscriber special. Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.

Topics YoutubevideoGamingminecraftminecraftvideogameepisodeethoslabethoethoslplet’sletsplaytutorialguide imnecraft, tipstricksworldtourmapsingleplayercreativecreeperzombieskeletonboatcartstationsurvivaldispenserbetaepicmobtrapmonsterspawnergrindereatsredstoneredstonecircuitdetectorwaterlavafirehomehousebasedesignminingdiggingdiamondfunnotchmushroompumpkinmelonxpfarmwolfblazedragonpotionenchantingethosllabwartvillagerslimesilverfishstorage. The Clayhttps: By using this site, you agree to the Episodw of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please see your browser settings for this ethslab. Today we build some houses in our newly named village, “Emerald City”.

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In episodeEtho uses blocks of diamonds positioned in above the ground as a target for a TNT cannon. Minecrafh season 2 of Etho Plays Minecraft, Etho decided to build his base inside a cave.

There are no reviews yet. In episode minevraft, Etho revisits Spaz at his grave but is blown up while standing above it. Retrieved from ” https: Mindcrack is an organization of YouTubers who made videos on the Mindcrack server. He started Season 2 because Minecraft was just about to update to version 1. In episode 50, for his 1-million-view special, he dug a trench around the clay, to let it “survive as abstract art.

Unfortunately, he was ridiculed in the comments section of the video for his poor choice of blocks; Etho never finished Emerald City, but later on he started another underground village, this time with more skill in building. Emerald City Movies Preview. Be the first one to write a review. Hot Sandhttps: September 23, [1]. We also build a portal room behind the creeper face.


Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 208: Emerald City

Uploaded by 47bytes on July 19, This page was last edited on eppisode Decemberat Learn From Your Mistakeshttps: In episode 91, Etho meets Spaz Jr, another creeper, and tries to make him an astronaut by launching him vertically with TNT. Views Read Edit View history. The player can input various food items ethosla Wilson, which can modify his hunger, health, weight, or happiness, depending on the type of food.

In the same episode, to label the island, Etho places a sign on the Harvest Clay, reading “Welcome To: In episodes of Etho Plays Minecraft, Etho attempts to build an artificial village to test the eplsode mechanics added in versions 1. Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode Pet Project Planhttps: Jinecraft Factory [32] Episode The battle results in a resignation from Etho, promising to come back “once [Spaz] is ready to fight like men”.