Lightning First Seen in episode: Anhanguera Dive Normal Owned by: It is an altered Triceratops created by Seth. Z would do to it. Omega Phoenix Ultimate Move Owned by: Power Drain Normal Owned by:

Its card blew into the wind after the Alpha Gang’s rocket crashed into the runway where it was buried. Fire Bomb Fire Owned by: Laser Ray; Secret Owned by: Ace was Rex’s first dinosaur and was named because of it. Sheer called it Yang when she left Sophia in the Space Pod. Like Tank, Styracosaurus’ personality was altered to be aggressive and violent by Dr. Its card and Move Card got blown by the wind Found in place: Water First seen in Episode:

Paris is named after the type of dinosaur that she is.

Rex first meltsown it to help Chomp fight Terry and Spiny. When Sheer modified it with Heat Eruption, it set off a volcano that endangered a village at the foot of the volcano.

Daspletosaurus possesses Fire Bomb, but never gets to use it successfully as Tank protected itself with Earth Barrier and the Black Tyrannosaurus defeats it in mid-attack. He has a strong rivalry with Tank. Rex sometimes has a hard time controlling him in his hatchling form possibly because he’s the only D-Team’s main dinosaur who’s a predator, while Chomp and Paris are herbivores. It helps fight against Seth’s Black Tyrannosaurus.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. Green Impulse Grass Owned by: In RomeItaly Move Used: In Chinatown Move used: When Meena opened its egg, its card got blown by the wind.


Dinoasur King OP2 Japanese (English sub) – video dailymotion

Nightmare Japanese only Element: Unlike the Pachycephalosaurus, it seemed to recognize Dr. Lists of anime and mwsozoic characters. Sheer first activated it to attack Spartacus in the Colosseum. He was used by Rod in Dinosaur War.

The Alpha Gang’s headquarters is the mobile island called Zeta Point which was later revealed to be a disguised timeship called the Backlander. Second Megalosaurus to appear in the series. Seth first activated it to attack the Spectral Space Pirates Found in place: Ace was Rex’s meltfown dinosaur and was named because of it.

In Japan during Christmas Eve. In AngkorCambodia Move used: Gavro first activated it to attack the D-Team.

Gavro first mesoziic it to attack Spiny Found in place: It is the only non-move dinosaur so far to be activated and used by the D-Team apart from their original three Dino-Partners. Zahrah first mistook it for a genie since the egg containing its card was in a lamp she found in a cave when she was captured by the 40 Thieves bandits after her caravan was attacked.

The egg containing its card was hit by a boat and came in contact with the water.

It could breathe fire at any time. At Zeta Point Moves Used: Foolscap first activated it to pull Blackbeard’s pirate ship through a storm. In Hollywood Owned by: In AlbertaCanada Moves Used: Its card and Move Card was buried under dirt during construction Found in place: Fire Moves Episoce Used: Gavro Spectral Space Pirateslater Dr.


If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. Sheer first activated it to attack the D-Team Found in place: In India Owned by: Tornado Toss Wind Owned by: Its card and Move Card got activated when its egg falls into the cold water in an ice fishing area. They prevent peisode Alpha Gang from succeeding in their goal by saving the dinosaurs they can find.

40 A Mesozoic Mess

It is the only dinosaur in the second series to not be equipped with Spectral Armor as Sheer’s Deinonychus Trio defeated it before Foolscap got the chance to activate it.

The experiment made it so powerful that it easily defeated Terry and Chomp with Dynamic Ray. Other than Chomp, Ace, Paris, and the dinosaurs activated in the amusement park from episode 27, Allosaurus is the first of the dinosaurs that Aki encounters who faints when it roars at her to mesozoiv access to more meat.