See the rest of the questions and the result for this participation in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu episode 16 post. Nalo oohalaku song from Chandamam movie Identify singer from audio clip. Lets wish all the best to her. Which of these instruments is used to view objects difficult for the naked eye? Which of these is not part of telugu varmnamala? Sankar Narayan for his civils preparation. What is name of the character played by the heroine in the movie. The feel of fresh breathe was spread all over the body and the upper layer of the skin started dancing.

Mohiniattam is a classical dance form is a native dance form of which of the following states? But the quitting moment of Mrs. Of course, it may be a TV show involved plenty of business. Boat Races will be held in Kerala in the significance of the following festival? Spy Which of the following signs is used to tag in social networking sites like facebook or twitter? But She quit with Rs. Sujatha Rani, Who tried to take for the past three episodes to take hot seat, how ever won and came forward to the hot seat of Meelo evaru Koteeswarudu. WHo amongst the following is not one of the pancha pandavas?

Bandipur National Park This contestant just believes her luck and blindly following and winning and moving ahead. Ajantha and Ellora caves are located in which of jeelo following states? The contestant is five questions away to win 1 crore rupees.


Chaitannya cross road Time is up for today. Which of the following election symbols is of Loksatta party? King Being confused, or not knowledged towards Cards game, he took audience poll where he received perfect answer. Chatrapathi At this point, Mr.

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Which of these states is one of the states refer to 2states movie? Kanduva is worn generally with? However All the best to the sapthagiro of the contestants who are going to play FFF in the next episode. It is very common for many to know the answer but somehow the teacher gave few tense moments. Tula Pahate Re written update, February 21, Dada saheb Falke Vardhanti c.

Which of the following terms is used for a hole in tyre? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Which of the following is an eye disease?

Share this Rating Title: Kiwi is a native bird of Which of the following countries? Which pioneering cosmonaut was one of the Olympic flag bearers in the winter Olympics at Sochi?

The Daniel and Miss prym d. The episode was closed here. Sandeep Kiran has used his second life line here.

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Which of the following festival is celebrated on amavasya? Alliyambal team shares a funny video from the shooting sets. I do wish all the best to Mr. LR Eeswari He has taken audience poll to the above question here in which audience has given clear answer.


What is called US presidents wife in respect? How many umpires do normally present on the field during cricket match? She was quite natural of her part and very clear with answer. Which of the following air services is under the control of government of India? Aruna Asaf Ali c.

Who was the first person to receive a Jnanpith award for a Telugu work? Central Bureau fulll Investigation 6. Modern sreya likes to wear? The trailer has increased hopes that it would be much energetic.

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An ordinary person Mr. Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu latest episode 30 on 24 July questions and answers Mr. Which of the following was banned by Supreme Court of India in ?

When I mentioned this to Amitabh Bachchan, who hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati, he said, it’ll change your life in the end. Not all the times intelligence is correct.

Lal Bahaddur sastry Actresses Ambika and Meena to feature in Comedy Nights this weekend. Which of these is not a search engine?