If you chose B, chose to talk to Armin and your LoM will increase with him. Take Lysander by the arm and move him away. You are a good person. I was bothered since the beginning! Chose A to hang out with Kentin and Nathaniel. Item on your dresser: I met lysander at staircase: Get closer to Lysander.

Go to courtyard to unlock a new dialogue and take the bus to go home which costs 5 AP wtf y? I’ll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too. Tbh I wanted to help find leighs suit but for the sake of staying with ma love I had to go to skool. Seeing that you were so causal about the whole thing was the worst part! There is a stick figure evolution drawn in his notebook. It must be a sign! Now finally,were down to business.

No trace of him O: This site was designed with the. I’ve been keeping track of my experiences and I thought I would 117 it with others. I wasn’t writing anything, I was trying to draw.

Candy In Love – My Candy Love – Episode 17 Guide

Take Lysander by the arm and move him away. I could have waited a while then…. Get close to Nathaniel.

She wanted to talk to me about it when you left us. We met headmistress there O: I went to student council and met armin there then back at main hall I met peggy and our candy told her how mean she is. Look up information about managers at school. I gave him my street and number.


My Candy Love Help: Episode 17

Go to main hall,meet Lysander and armin there,now to go hall 2 and meet violette there then go to staircase-1st floor. Listen to me already! I met nath at staircase.

This, even after his Kim Possible stage! I leaned over his shoulder and put one hand on him. Walking to the store.

Running from my heart Nightcore version – Adam Lambert. The grey one it nice too.

On the other hand… We could have found an alibi. I met nath at main hall,and Deborah at class Dpisode and auntie at class B,she gave me a bat. Stay where I am. So if lysandeer need help or have any questions about the boys just send me an ask.

Then we met ken and nath outside my flat and we finally went in our candys home. I ignored him yesterday. Unlocks a photo later. She got just what she deserved!

You seem to find everything I lose. It was a great idea! Good for him, I hope I made him the most uncomfortable as possible! I was bothered since the beginning!


I met rose at buss stop and armin at coffee shop and he was angry O.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Go to —coffe shop-park entrance-shops-park. Ha Ha, you are cute!

Gasp and he said something that made my heart leap x-x dead and then he end up blushing himself. A selfish, cowardly, jerk still has hidden qualities…right? I hope one day that she will realise that she made a mistake! I like to study at the foot of my episore I prefer the grey one! Why are you inviting guys at your place? Go to courtyard to lysandr a new dialogue and take the bus to go home which costs 5 AP wtf y?

So, why did you wait so long? This blog is dedicated to My Candy Love. Teddy epsiode increases your LoM with Kentin. Move over to let her see.