I couldn’t believe he knocked out Shouma, lead Ringo into that trap and then burned the diary. If perhaps Momoka “saved” him, he wouldn’t even seek for this world’s endtimes. So we finally see wtf happen to Momoka she was divided in the 2 hats that explain a lot of shit. The steady beep of her heart monitor and sterile white of the walls say everything; Himari does not belong in this place. Both within and without the story, this is a cheap and tawdry moment. However, it’s gotta be Ringo x Shouma for me.

Wow, at the beginning of the series I disregarded the theory that Momoka’s soul was confined to both hats, but it seems it’s the case. Well maybe the PoC is still another entity? This Anime is a masterpiece! This is the only happy ending I see at the moment. I bet she’ll be like hella pretty. Really liked the snowy Shouma-Ringo scene. Ikuhara’s truly amazing at mixing all known myths, legends, and religions into a single story

In fact, they used her as a guinea pig for Sanetoshi to proove he can keep his part of the deal. S But what the hell was with that commercial in episove

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This all goes for the pink hair guy, v got him into involving with his own plan on destroying the world. Another roller coaster of emotions, bravo. He didn’t trust the penguin hat? And Himari, Shouma, and Kamba are their earth replicas. Shouma is already dead. Someone might die or fated ones may never meet. After hours of searching, Himari ultimately cried tears epnguindrum joy when her two brothers found her.


Just nothing more to say then, it was an awesome episode. I wonder if Mario will ever do anything next episode.

Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 23

That really impressed me of episkde amazing I was right to that from last episode. Sanetoshi sees even the spell itself as a kind of cursebut Sanetoshi sees everything as a curse — everything must be bought and sold with him, everything must be paid back in full.

After all, he returned to his home-town. I hated Shouma x Himari but the scene was too romantic to ignore. Their self sacrifices weren’t selfish like Himari’s accepting death knowing that Kan would be bitter and take it out on the world.

Kanba is also on that train, so he’s dead too? Here, love is unconditional — Kanba might think he is alone, but his support is boundless. Words don’t come to mind That whole episode was just From a vague figure defined by cryptic mysteries, Sanetoshi has reached the point of addressing the audience directly, literally speaking to the screen as he describes his philosophy.

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I also think that Kan has something under his sleeve. Really liked the snowy Shouma-Ringo scene.

While Kanba makes a deal with the devil, Shoma simply waits beside his sisterholding her hand. Sanetoshi being able to magically curse others might hint at him not being a mere ghost like Kenzan and Chiemi, and that he might be some sort of a supernatural eoisode or an embodiment of something. The hat is voiced by Toyosaki-san??

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I’m somewhat expected those two ending being alone together, but since every one else cheated death this time it might not penguijdrum so. The contradictory power of love and family are contrasted again across the next two scenes, as both Kanba and Shoma spend a charged moment with family.


I honestly think Kanba is trolling Satenoshi and this a plan to get rid of him for how he tricked thier parents. Shouma and Himari scene – romantic and sweet. What would he destroy her. So many beautiful seqences. Natsume however, just wow still.

Perhaps that’s what really is the meaning behind the story: I know it’s random, but I think Momoka will materialize when the hats are reunited. I think the two hats needs to be together in order to let Momoka materialize, Sanetoshi always has the two bunnies by his side after all. Come on, he was an obvious villain since his appearance in episode 9. Poor Ringo, I hope she’s okay A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say when he was a boy of eighteen, and as a natural consequence he always looks absolutely delightful.

And then Kanba himself arrives, and breaks the revery.

This Anime is a masterpiece! You’re forgetting he’s in love with Momoka.