Nontle Sangqu and Lefa Monaheng meet and fall in love. Uncle 1 Jack Lebohang Lefelo Unfortunately this beautiful photograph by South Africa’s greatest railway photographer, taken somewhere between Franklin and Kokstad, got damaged during protests by Publicity Department staff directed at the SA Transport Services’ panic-stricken purge in the late eighties. A very handy deviation one might say as it did away with an anomaly that hindered the operation of this branch for almost 60 years. Mbijana Sangqu Vika Mnatha She becomes an ally to Nontle, heightening the already strained relationship between mother and daughter. It was not a hard-and-fast rule but for obvious reasons footplatemen preferred to run bunker-first in summer and chimney-first in winter. Mme Kobedi Papi Rantakoana

At the end of the day we would go to the minus 3-star pub at Franklin down a few beers and talk railways. The mineworkers, construction workers and builders holidays during December and early January were hectic times for the railway as they struggled to sustain the normal flow of goods traffic along with many passenger extras. This is the same up goods as in the previous photo and, seeing as it is winter, the engine is running chimney first. Construction work started in on two lines, one from Amabele and the other from Indwe, which ultimately could have been linked to the Natal System, but both lines stopped well short of achieving this goal. In Cedarville she would pick up some empty tanker wagons. I savour each episode and the times they reflect.

The builders had closed for the holidays on the 15 December which explained the heavy train.

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The circumstances which required its feeder tank to be pushed ahead of the engine are not known. GF with down a mile out of Matatiele, August Although she is seen as a sore spot in the family, everyone has matatoele soft spot for her and “call upon her magatiele in times of need Meanwhile, on the Cape side, various routes were surveyed in Mbijana Sangqu Vika Mnatha He resents his father for leaving and is protective of his mom and sister.

Comrade 1 Matatirle Zililo Both Nikiwe and Nodada are Eastern Cape-born. We had waited in a loop to cross four passenger trains each was in two divisions and a freight.


Thobani Mseleni’s moments on screen: Video

Episode 1 did not air on the channel until the series repeated in November She is always the cause of conflict as she stands up for what she deems to be right. Unfortunately this beautiful photograph by South Africa’s greatest railway photographer, taken somewhere between Franklin and Kokstad, got damaged during protests by Publicity Department staff directed at the SA Transport Services’ panic-stricken purge in the late eighties.

These balloons were a feature of both the Kokstad and Matatiele branches and may have been used elsewhere on SAR. The festivities in Kokstad culminated with epiode ball held in the evening in the Town Hall.

That night we camped in Donnybrook station and awoke in the midst of a quiet whiteness.

Immediately cutting off from the train at This was up up goods in August She reminds everyone and anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot.

Matatiele is set in the semi-town serving the farming and trading communities in the foothills of the western Drakensberg and the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. Maatatiele up, the No water treatment needed here.

T his adaptation by Bruno from Google Earth shows the original layout with its Oirish i. As you may have observed, the situation of the Matatiele branch is on an altogether grander scale, its setting is not confined to one river valley as matatielw the Kokstad section.

Chief Mpinda Mayibongwe Mhlonyane And so we come to the end of our coverage of the Cape-Natal railway and its branch lines. Vote Official James Hlalele All photographs, maps and text in Soul of A Railway episofe protected by copyright and may not be copied or reproduced in any way for further use without prior permission in writing from the compilers of this series, Les Pivnic and Charlie Lewis.

She brags about her beauty, possessions and husband. Sotho Aunt Mamohlabi Mokoena Chief Motse Mpilwenhle Mngadi See Bruno’s map below: This declined towards the end of the seventies when the large fuel depot at Cedarville was established. Following the opening ceremony, light refreshments were served after which guests were invited to a ride by motor car to the nearby Kenegha Valley to take epiosde the majestic view of the Drakensberg.


And here is GMA again, seemingly in no time, back at Kokstad with the block load of grain it fetched at Franklin in the afternoon of 8 December see also picture The show is in Xhosa and Sotho with English subtitles.

In a survey from Mthatha Umtata to Kokstad produced a line some km long which would require 5 major bridges and 10 tunnels. A bit of grease, some water and a fire clean and all would be ready for the departure of matatielee at The first coach behind the engine appears to be an engineman’s caboose.

The 3rd part of this chapter picks up at the isolated railway town of Franklin from where two branches radiated: Tuesdays, 21h00 – 21h Xhosa Aunty Makhabu Mapena Matatiele used steam traction for almost exactly 50 years. Before anybody accuses me of being a racist let me say emphatically that the name applied equally to railway policemen of all hues!

Once a lively place with railway activity around the clock, today not a single train visits the place. A berg wind was blowing strongly from the North-west producing the cloud effect.

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Interestingly, in later years was classified as Mixed between here and Franklin and Passenger thereafter. The same train about half-a-mile further crossing the mielie field where the line was deviated in the early s see Bruno’s annotated extract from Google Earth above Please let us know if any of you are aware of other similar applications of these curiosities, which were very convenient for the railway but used a lot of space that would eventually become valuable.

There was an order and pride and efficiency but especially there was a courtesy and an openness.