I was never really present during the so called Cold War, but this book transcends you to those spy world days. If you read for entertainment purposes, you can’t go wrong with this one! But though these sworn enemies once vowed to terminate each other, they must now become allies. What’s happening is not right. In simpler terms, it took me a few hundred pages to finally become fully engaged in Ludlum’s story But his theories were fun.

The old woman urges the two agents to find this “shepherd boy. Both films have scenes where a character is explaining to the lead characters that what we think of political, religious or any other kind of assassination, are nothing more than corporate assassinations. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I felt so I was given this book by my dad whom had read it more than a decade ago; the french edition which was nonetheless spectacular. If only the previous three-quarters of the novel were as good, I would have enjoyed “The Matarese Circle” so much more. Taleniekov makes inquiries about the padrone of the Matarese, Guillaume de Matarese, but is hunted by the natives. It’s not that the author speaks writes in riddles, it’s just that his great story ideas, and plot points are filtered through words and sentences that seem to come from a language only Robert Ludlum seems to understand. After exposing the traitor, Taleniekov follows a lead to Essen, Germany.

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A new member of the five star club: Taleniekov is the first one to get wind of this plot, through his teacher, and seeks out Scofield as he is the only other person who can help him stop the madness. The Matarese Circle is an old book, written many years before I was born actually but regardless: This is like James Bond, only better.

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Refresh and try again. But it will not be an easy task as Scofield is not ready to believe him and is of the opinion that Vasili is only plotting to kill him. Meeting with his former university professor Mikovsky, Taleniekov searches the revolutionary archives. Krupskaya urges Taleniekov to find Scofield and stop the Matarese.


The Matarese Circle Book Summary and Study Guide

Scofield and Antonia attend a party at Scozzi’s villa, where Scofield approaches him about hiring the Matarese. I enjoyed it quite a lot but it didn’t make me want to read another Ludlum novel.

Vil rated it it was amazing. Nicholas is revealed as a child prodigy discovered by Guillaume who wants to build a world based on the economic marketplace. In the early going, I felt very much for the matqrese of Scofield and Taleniekov apologies if I’m not spelling that right–too lazy to look it up at the moment. Jul 05, Minutes. This book was published in the late 70’s, and it features the kind of melodrama example: The story was stout, moving and pacey.

They fund terrorist groups and military regimes so that they can create the chaos. Set in the Cold War erathe depth in characters and the storyline is fascinating. Robert Ludlum was perhaps the most successful thriller writer of the last millennium. It’s like an old friend, and I’m looking forward to spending time with it. The reader would like to know that the cirlce, sinister as they may well be, are within the realms of the possible.

If you read for entertainment purposes, you can’t go wrong with this one! Scofield the American spy and Taleniekov the Soviet are both drawn as beleivable characters, sympathetic while you are “in their head” or reading their narrative section.

May 18, Sydney Mugerwa rated it really liked it. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Written decades mxtarese, the story-line of Matarese Circle seems almost prophetic despite it being dated, the world finally catching up to the plot. It is close to what might have happened in the Cold War in terms of espionage.

Jun 01, Adam Nelson rated it it was amazing. Books by Robert Ludlum.

One of the best escapist thrillers I’ve ever read. Lists with This Book. His greatest drawback is mostly due to One of the best escapist synkpsis I’ve ever read. A conspiracy so much larger than life. This is a re-read for me. A spy thriller this wildly entertaining isn’t supposed to give you such pause afterward, as you look around the globe, yet it does.


The Matarese Circle

The book may seem slow at first, but it is necessary to construct the story and Ludlum does a fabulous job in making sure that the reader is hooked on to it. He and Taleniekov make a plan to capture Waverly, but he and his entire family are killed. Feb 13, Sebastien St. They learn about Scozzi, who married into the Paravacini family. I felt so I was given this book by my dad whom had read it more than a decade ago; the french edition which was nonetheless spectacular.

At pages, “The Matarese Circle” could have been a great book. In this while, it has been able to infiltrate through every layer of the government. He builds up the suspense to the revelation, and when it comes, I was glued to the page. Maarese relationship between Circld and Taleniekov is enough to fill every page with requisite drama. Scofield is summoned to Washington and forced into retirement. A book so exciting, written over thirty years ago, in the midst of a cold war which supposedly no longer exists, mataresr suppose to be this much fun.

Scofield is summoned to Matxrese Hall, the Matarese headquarters. People always talk about how the Bourne Series is fantastic. Sounds like a problem, right?

In the wake of the Verachten murders, connections between that company and a Boston-based conglomerate called Trans-Communications are brought eynopsis light. Only two rival spies have the power to stop them: Jan 24, Minutes Buy. Some spy novels get better and more relevant with age, and Robert Ludlum’s fabulous The Matarese Circle falls into that category.