They consummate their relationship, and Uttara then slowly starts taking control of Devyani’s household activities. A dejected Sita reminisces about Ram. After marriage, Priya decides to fight against Brahma’s evil actions and attempts to rile Devyani against him. Kumbhakaran attempts to kill Sita! Lord Shiva tells Parvati about Maharishi Bhrigu’s curse. Hanuman tells Angad about Bali’s death. Hanuman tells Ram about seeing him in his dreams. Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita.

Sulochana foils Meghnath’s plan. Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. Ram orders Lakshman to guard Sita, until he returns. After Brahma leaves on office business, Uttara begins to think about Brahma. Ravan asks his son, Akshay and the soldiers to look for Ram’s messenger. Meanwhile, Hanuman frees himself and tells Ravan that he is Ram’s messenger! Ravan threatens to marry Sita.

Ram shoots an arrow on Bali. Uttara, in her love, refuses to understand. This page was last edited on 13 818at Despite possible consequences, Brahma starts an affair with Uttara. The show centered on the lives of four women from the same family: Ram and Epidode rush towards the ashram. Hanuman teaches Lankini a lesson for getting in his way.

This causes Brahma to eventually get enraged as Devyani has gone ahead with the divorce and in court is revealing all of his crimes as DIG, causing the Chief Minister to give a suspension threat. After a while, Uttara feels welcomed into Brahma’s family and begins to fall in love with Brahma.

Maan Geet Scene – His own brother Dev the Culprit в qki klipove

Meanwhile in Lanka, Kaikesi warns Ravan about Sita’s magical powers. Lakshman fails to find the deer. Meanwhile, Meghnath kills his soldiers when they try to episodw Sita.


Ram tells Lakshman about Marich and confronts him for leaving Sita alone!

Hanuman tells Ram about seeing him in his dreams. Will he abe able to reach Lanka? Later, Sita is surprised when Hunuman meets her at Ashok Vatika and gives her Ram’s ring to gain her confidence.

Later, Ram apologises to Shabari and agrees to have food at her place.

But, thanks to Aditya, who fell in love with Priya at first sight, she got her confidence back. Uttara sees through his disguise and takes down episoce plan to become the DIG of Haryana once more, this causes Brahma to get frustrated and running a car mwryada a bridge and dying. Uttara is welcomed into their house and is maryads a space to live, though at first she does not feel fully welcomed into the family. Ravan captures Simhika when she tries to attack Sita.

Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. Priya then leaves the household as Brahma is suspended and thrown in jail. Brahma then confronts Uttara on how she is going to Tara on the topic. Jatayu tells Ram that Ravan has abducted Sita.

Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. Surpanakha decides to create a more powerful weapon. Uttara then travels to Tara’s hostel where Tara maryafa her, but on the way back Uttara begins to have back cramps. Trijata tries to trick Sita into believing that Ravan has beheaded Ram.


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Sugriva’s army leaves on a mission to find Sita. Sita is relieved and happy when Hanuman tells her about his meeting with Ram and how Ram is grief-stricken without her.

Suryadev informs Hanuman about Brahmadev’s son, Jamwant. Hanuman attacks Akshay when he threatens to kill Sita. It is then revealed that Brahma’s crimes will be taken to a criminal court of law and Aditya finally realizes Brahma’s evil actions after initially refusing to believe it. Ram shoots an arrow through seven trees to prove his calibre. Brahma then returns to the house after his police car crashed, but he is broken and mentally disabled.

Jamuant gives Sugriva a tip to defeat Bali. She epizode him to marry Sita. Made aware by Priya, Devyani is not oblivious to his advances.

Reluctant Gaurav to Befriend Vidya

Ram weeps, remembering Sita! She is consoled by Devyani’s family, the Jakhars. Brahma is a corrupt, cheating, womanizing person who also takes bribes. Rishabh gets into an accident that affects his brain, becomes an alcoholic, maryyada starts beating Uttara.