By the time we reached our 30 th anniversary, we had long since been a household name, celebrated by rock legends from across the globe. Sounds great just doesn’t fit my needs anymore. This is a beast of an amplifier! The DSL40 has been loaded with a twelve inch speaker, Marshall have used a Celestion Seventy 80, a great sounding amplifier speaker that sits well with this amp. Marshall Covr08 Cover Per Testata The Tone Shift button changes the character of the amp, when it’s activated you get modern, powerful sounds great for heavy distortion but if you prefer classic Marshall tones then leave the button out. Please also have the correct amount, the performers will not have change and they can not wait for you to get change.

Non credo che ci sia in italiano The tone of each channel could be sculped even further, making this amp a showstopper. Then you can pay in cash on delivery too! Hard to believe how loud it is for 15 watts. Le jj vanno anche bene, ma a mio gusto le ts sono superiori come resa armonica. A disability is forcing me to part with all my gear and this is a cabinet I’d of preferred to hold on to, as it had something special about it, but my disability is forcing me to say goodbye In un primo momento avevo deciso di far modificare la mia Jcm facendogli aggiungere un canale pulito, ma non so se questa mod sia fattibile, qualcuno di voi lo ha gia’ fatto??? Marshall Covr08 Cover Per Testata

Mi piace il suono rock morbito e caldo, il mio idolo e’ Stef Burns, per questo possiedo anche una Jcm assolutamente da modificare, suono troppo plasticoso. Toggle navigation Toggle Search. Ha 3 canali con un clean decisamente pulito per un marshall.

Still in the box Amplify your next acoustic gig with the Marshall AS50D acoustic amplifier combo. Tanta roba, molto professionale. The dual-channel layout lets you plug in your guitar and a vocal mic for a complete PA.


New – includes watch, band, and charger in original box. This provided four different output options. You’ll never have to worry about needing more power — just plug your amp into the house PA and you’re ready to rock.

Anniiversary preamp section includes three ECC83 valves and also has a comprehensive EQ section with multiple tone options. The DSL40 has been loaded with a twelve inch speaker, Marshall have used a Celestion Seventy 80, a great sounding amplifier speaker that sits well with this amp.

We will take it down once someone is interested. About Us Contacts Tel. This amp is a part of my collection barely used and always in its box but I have to fund my other hobbies so it needs to go. If you have your own system your more then welcome to use it!

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Find what you need to make your sound real! Nice effort by Marshall. A dedicated line out and DI lets you feed your signal to the house mixer when playing larger stages. The tolex got ripped while moving unfortunately but it is purely cosmetic.

We ship everywhere in the world, as soon as the order is made, and we deliver within few working days. All three channels were independent, each with their own controls for EQ and volume and individual gain controls for Crunch and Lead channels. The tube preamp drives the Clean, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2 channels with an added acoustic simulator channel makes any electric sound like an acoustic.

Request an evaluation of your used item and buy one or more available products also for online shopping. Grazie per la risposta, mi sei stato di grande aiuto!

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Do you live here in Italy? Se il suono ti sembra un po povero di armoniche e spento, ti consiglio di controllare le valvole finali. No major damage, just the usual wear and tear, but nothing that really stands out, or that makes it ugly.


And if you are nearby and you want to visit us, why don’t you place your order online and then you pick it up at our store? Io l’ho suonata per un sacco di anni e mi sono sempre trvato bene.

Arrivo al dunque, sembra che di questo ampli se ne parli poco on line, come al solito si parla solo delle solita spazzatura,non sono riuscito a trovare un manuale in italiano, voglio avere le idee chiare sulle sue tante funzioni. The Marshall AS50D acoustic amp is ready to handle any gig you have. We have people on stand by for most weekend because we can not attend every party!

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Una ha il logo classico bianco marshall e il tolex nero. Vicino al master volume troverai un pulsante chiamato low volume comp. We may have to cancel your party if you decide to change the performance time after you have booked Because we do not require a deposit, I can not book your party till I have 600 the information. The first 20 minutes is: More than that, each amp sports built-in effects, including four different delay types with tap tempofour different modulation types, and reverb.

Of course yes you can demo before you buy, but serious buyers only please.