The fourth season begins with the story of a beautiful year-old girl, the pride of her attractive divorced mother, who learns she is pregnant and must make an important decision on what to do with the baby. An aging war hero, in an effort to maintain his heroic facade for his son and young wife, plans a solo voyage across the Pacific despite Dr. Carr , Lionel Ames Rabbi Gersler. Catch a Ring That Isn’t There. Warn the World About Mike. A bit actor’s lie about a starring role to cheer his dying father backfires, and the old man loses his will to live. Public Secrets Season 6, episode 17 W:

Ryan , Chanin Hale Lois. The physical and emotional dangers of abortion surface when a domineering mother forces her daughter to undergo the operation. Sounding Brass Season 2, episode 11 W: Eugenedes insists on entering an annual deep diving competition, an event he has won for many years. A feeling of rejection by her father and Dr. The Covenant Season 7, episode 4 W: The Kileys’ seemingly amicable plumber suffers from a series of uncontrolled violent outbursts, and it’s up to Kiley and Welby to find out why and prescribe treatment

Elegy for a Mad Dog. BurroughsLee H. Marcus Welby’s daughter, in deference to marucs husband and her father, goes full term in her pregnancy and must fight for her life when the child is born.

The Days Season 6, episode 13 W: A kd illness leaves an active year-old girl a paraplegic facing life in a wheelchair. Welby is in love, takes a pregnant, unmarried “flower child,” Tracy Clifford, into her home.

The emergency amputation of episodee young boy’s arm causes unexpected repercussions within the lad’s own family, and involves Dr. Welby gets a high school student, raped by his homosexual pedophile teacher, to reveal his assailant. When Kiley takes her home, he leaves, but then he hears her scream. A pathologist planinng to remarry to give his son a mother is told by Dr. Full Cast and Crew. Sea Of Security Season 1, episode 23 W: The other is a Vietnam war veteran.


Solomon’s Choice Season 3, episode 24 W: A year-old girl runs away after being raped by the same man who wants to adopt her. Eric Brandon, a new patient and longtime friend of Janet Blake, fails to tell Dr. A newly separated wife contracts a venereal disease when she has an affair.

Marcus Welby, M.D.

A famed neurosurgeon’s reliance on amphetamines to keep up with his busy schedule leads to a crisis during an emergency surgery. Welby disagrees with his associate and, as her doctor, tells her the eventualities of such an illness when she insists on knowing. Richie Manning, a teen-aged gymnast champion, falls off the rings in gym class, the tip-off that he has a serious drinking problem.

Welby refuses to okay a racing driver for competition until the cause of his recurrent headaches and violent fits of temper can be determined. Welby — called by flying physician Jerome Billings, an orthopedic surgeon, for help — finds young Carlos in a diabetic coma. The fourth madcus begins with the story of a beautiful year-old girl, the pride of her attractive divorced mother, who learns she is pregnant and must make an important decision on what to do with the baby.

Weby housewife’s involvement with a political campaign quickly turns personal when she catches the eye of the charming young candidate. An unfeeling doctor learns a valuable lesson when he is hospitalized following an accident.

Welby flies to an Indian reservation to save the life of a young Hopi whose grandfather clings to the medicines of his ancestors. Consuelo takes a brief leave of absence to head the obstetrical care team for pregnant women at the Family Practice Center and is called upon to deliver a baby under unexpected circumstances. Kiley undergoes a bout with chicken poxand the young physician deals with an oil field worker who worries over the prospect of having bladder cancer.

Welby presses for answers as Cathy continually resists treatment and refuses to reveal from where she may have contracted VD. Welby accepts the prospect of his daughter marrying the frivolous Dr. Cross-Match Season 3, episode 14 W: Epidemic Season 2, episode 5 W: LynchShelley Morrison Mrs.


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The Medea Factor Season 7, episode 12 W: Welby helps a college instructor realize that he must return to his first love of writing. Anita Rivera Walter Woolf King BraleyBruce Kirby Lou Rienzi. The Outrage Season 6, episode 5 W: Homecoming Season 1, episode 10 W: Welby becomes involved in a strained marriage when he assists the wife of a musician who becomes ill on a epieode to Los Angeles.

Welby probes the psyche of labydinth college instructor to uncover the non-physical cause of his muscle spasms. A father learns he has a responsibility to his young son who is stricken with rheumatoid arthritis.

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DavisTom Troupe Dr. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Episodee and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! A young girl develops an ulcer because she feels her rich parents don’t love her.

Welby and Kiley calm the heartbroken wife while attempting to confirm the diagnosis. GardnerMichael Swan Stash. Welby and her husband believe otherwise. Welby’s advice and insists on one more dive.

Myra, however, whose own daughter would have been Tracy’s age had she lived, makes plans to maintain Tracy has her own child — when it is born — indefinitely. LeonardBernard Behrens Dr.

Welby’s advice and insists on one more dive. The Windfall Season 2, episode 24 D: Welby’s shoots her boyfriend. Tomorrow May Never Come.