She decides to leave the place when Aravind appears from the woods and she asked him whether he knows the exact location to Yaksha Guesthouse and he says that for 2 days there will be no way out because of the heavy landslide that have covered the road pathway to travel. Her worried family members decided to go in search of her while in the meantime the evil doll in the box changes the portrait of the small girls father’s deceased wife with that of Darshini hinting at the next decision the family is about to take marrying Darshini with the small girl’s father. Meera, who has been brought up in an orphanage, has a past which haunts her often. He then suspected that maybe Kuyili might have taken the money from his car. During this moment the palace owner notices the old woman and her assistant in his palace veranda and ask her to leave the place to which the old woman says that she will not leave as she have came to the right place at the right time. Bhadra notices that Aravind and Yaksha is in the car during which his brother succeeded in starting the engine of the car and moving away from that place. Aravind insists that it would be not safe for him to go back because of landslides around the area and asked for any hotels for him to stay. Both of them end up arguing and finally Darshini threatened Aravind that if he never marry Yaksha she would commit suicide.

This causes a confusion for Rana Maayan later on as he perceived in such a way that Darshini is Icchapurani Queen Simharatna and Yaksha is Satavagheeni Queen lakshmi prabhavati. He brought Bhadra to a corridor window and showed him a mountain surrounded by a few hills and started to narrate the incidents of a war that happened years ago. Yaaradi Nee Mohini Tamil: Maya also known as Maya Eng: The old woman tells the same to her assistant asking him to donate his blood for her son to drink which the assistant agrees to do. Babu Creative director s N. Valli is a Indian Tamil-language soap opera which premiered on Sun TV from 17 December and will complete its th episode on 7 March

Kalanthakan successfully separated both of them from one another and in that process Bhakti comes across with an unconscious Aravind and Shweta comes across with Darshini’s brother who is also searching for her in the forest.

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Mixture of humor, seriousness and turns made this drama a big hit. When Yaksha and Aravind succeeded in marrying one another, Kalanthakan’s Pretatma will gain the first part of his body.

As soon as she sets her foot on the palace ground, Alangariamma welcomes Yaksha with grandeur and told her to put her left leg into the palace.


During this moment the palace owner notices the old woman and her assistant in his palace veranda and ask her to leave the place to which the old woman says that she will not leave as she have came to the right place at the right time. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. For other names, see Maya. So,the serial finished with episodes. On Yaksha’s birthday Mandakini told her that she have 2 special gifts for her and she brought her Yaksha to her company and officially announced her as the new CEO.

Trade flourished in commodities such as spices, ivory, pearls, beads, Chera traded extensively from Muziris on the west coast, Chola from Arikamedu and Puhar and Pandya through Korkai mamoyar. After an initial struggle she managed to stop the three of them while feeding them with the herbs bringing them back safely to the palace’s room.

Later on, Alangariamma swears that she will somehow find a way to bring an end to Darshini as soon as possible even though she’s continuously failing.

Siva Acharya decides to send his disciple Bhakti Saradhan to locate the 3 individual while Minister Thangapandi volunteers to send his personal secretary Shweta together with Bhakti Saradhan to locate the 3 individuals. When she entered the house, Darshini’s mother tells Kuyili aka Sugumadhapura to bring Shwetha to the restroom as the Shwetha wanted to use it.

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He aims to tell Darshini about her reality and reunite her with Aravind. The scene shifts to the pregnant women’s funeral and she is revealed to be the elder sister of Darshini.

While his children are keen on the property, issues arise in the family. Aravind insists that it would be not safe for him to go back because of landslides around the area and asked for any mamiyad for him to stay. The Siva Acharya puts the 3 shells on the chakram and the 3 shells accurately went to 3 different zodiac signs that’s: The scene once again shifts to jamiyar laboratory of ISRO where the chief scientist has witnessed the crash of the comet at the same placed that Rana Maayan and Bhadra witnessed earlier which is known as Palanggi Malai and says “Oh My God” after which two more comets crashed at the Antartica and Pacific Ocean of the Earth at accurately 8: Yaksha starts acting intelligently.

The Siva Acharya who was worried about this incident laments to Lord Sivan stating that He Lord Sivan who represents thevsi Master of the Five Elements Pancha Bootham is just witnessing all this incidents quietly without taking the necessary actions while Kalanthakan who is silently manipulating all this incident is set to return to this world after years of imprisonment. After that, Darshini came upstairs and heard the whole story from her grandmother and confirmed the same telling that she and Kuyili have witnessed the evil play of the doll when they were at their old home.


He tells him Bhadra that a comet is set to fall nearby the place that he have showed earlier and exactly it happens to the surprise of Bhadra. Her brother Tinku is an actor in Tamil movies. Retrieved 9 July A restless Bhadra still confused ask his guru whom will he offer as a sacrifice among the 2 girls and Rana Maayan said that he himself doesn’t know and would come to know on the day of sacrifice by the divine sight of Dhumavathi Amman.

The episode ends with Shwetha snapping the photo of Aravind and Darshini sitting together in a bench at the park. Aravind says sorry and Yaksha tears sincerely for the first time touched by his humble background.

Both casf them decide to enter into the palace.

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G Thiyagasaravanan and Selvi Thiyakarajan. Bhadra’s wife who noticed his worrisome attitude inquired him about the matter that is worrying him too much to which Bhadra tells what was written on the “Olai” to his wife and states that his guru is mamiyzr extremely angry person so he has to make the appropriate preparation before his guru arrives to the palace.

She tells her guru Jyothirlingam about this and he blesses her and she takes the form of a girl and successfully entered the house of Darshini to thwart away the evil doll from ever succeeding. Darshini then went to her house and kuyili gaves them bracelets from the temple also finds a way to dispose the doll to sea.

Alangariamma also said that it was she who sent “Jinda the Evil Doll” into Darshini’s house and it was under her orders that Jinda killed Darshini’s sister and her unborn child.

The narrator continues by saying that the good forces will always be there to stand against the evil forces as an equal and vice versa. During the same time Alangariamma tells the effects of the marriage of Yaksha and Aravind to Pasupati. While in the Kula Deivam temple Yaksha told to Aravind that she had not expected Darshini to leave the palace without telling them a word and she tells Aravind not to misunderstand her as she brought Aravind to her Kula Deivam temple as Yaksha doesn’t want her mother and family members to misunderstand both of them when she should have given him some space as he has been going through some dilemmas lately.