Then Yamase, an old childhood friend of Kazuki who is in class F, appears to make him an offer that would solve both their classes problems for the Festival: The episode ends with Yamase on a train wondering how everyone is. His magic also caused the women’s and men’s dorm to merge. The next day Kazuki returns to a human except, this time there are multiples of him. Rin’s master later told Kazuki a bit about Rin’s past and how he was forced to become cruel to Rin instead of the kind “big brother” when he was named her master. Kazuki gives it one more try using the last of his magic to save her life. After demanding that Kazuki will not forget the girls, she returns his ashes and everything seems fine until Kazuki collapses in pain.

Akai some vials containing potions that might help Kazuki increase his magic count. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While they are talking, Shino manages to capture Kazuki and Yamase, then proceeds to try to make Kazuki a complete ghost. The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity. As it turns out, there was another behemoth being raised by Nakamaru. At Yamase’s turn, she cheats and takes Kazuki somewhere in the forest, while masking their auras.

The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity. Rin pretends to be betrothed to Kazuki, and Rin’s master decides to fight Rin and Kazuki to prove Kazuki is good enough to marry her.

Elizabeth demanded some things from Yuna and Kazuki. The next day, during each of the dates, Shino decides to stalk everyone, looking for an opportunity to capture Kazuki.

During the chaos of the festival, Class B summons a beast that goes out of control, and Kazuki is left to save Yamase from it. Haruaki Akai travel into Kazuki’s mind. Yamase is finally convinced and gives Kazuki’s ashes back. Starting with this episode, the focus of the girls shifts from trying to increase Kazuki’s magic count to attempting to collect all of Kazuki’s ashes in order to get his body back. Rin’s master later told Kazuki a bit about Rin’s past and how he was forced to become cruel to Rin instead of the kind “big brother” when he was named her master.


Rin Kamishiro is still worrying about what will happen to Kazuki if she returns his ashes, things are made more complicated when Kuriko decides that Kazuki will take Rin on a date for the day in an attempt to restore Kazuki’s ashes.

If they win Kazuki gets one more magic attempt, but if englsh lose they must go to baseball camp in hell for all eternity.

Kazuki feels deeply pathetic about Yuna and the girls leaving even though they wanted to stay. Kazuki’s magic count drops to four in this episode. The episode ends with Yamase on emglish train wondering how everyone is. She asks Kazuki to point her in the direction to the old school building.

As time passed, however, she wasn’t able to restore Kazuki’s ashes to him and ended up losing a shoe after running up toward the balcony when Kazuki found her standing on the stairs in hesitation of what to do. In another effort to increase Kazuki’s magic count, Kuriko and the girls search for a mysterious a blue magatama that could help Kazuki with his low magic problem. Kuriko tries to return her share of Kazuki’s ashes to him, but she fails every time.

With a magic count of only three, the girls start thinking of ways to help Kazuki increase his magic count. Rin said that she is the one that really doesn’t respect her clan’s decision, Kuriko said that Kazuki teased her so much that she really doesn’t want to go away, and Yuna actually won’t leave without becoming Kazuki’s wife.

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They find who is responsible for holding the rest of Kazuki’s ashes. Kazuki is having nightmares that he is being attacked by a behemoth; at the same time, a rumor of a behemoth inside the campus is floating around.


But it is revealed that the man is a criminal wanted for cheating money from women, and Kuriko is helping the police get the evidence needed to arrest him. Kuriko decides to battle the beasts, but they overpower her. Throughout the story the main characters retell their interactions with Kazuki since they first met him.

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Rin decides to give the meal to Kazuki instead of her senior, and she is impressed with him when he eats the whole meal, despite its terrible taste. His magic count drops to five in this episode.

Yuna has her own bout of bad luck from the magatama that does not surface until several episodes later. In this episode, Kazuki used his magic to create snow for her. The final episode, titled “It Was Over Yuna arrives, and manage to free Yamase, but cannot reach Kazuki because of Shino. Also, a mysterious girl meets Kazuki next to the maple episodf.

The Japanese titles for Episode 18 and 19 ends in the typical Kyoto dialect ending “Dosue”, which corresponds to “Desu” in standard Japanese. Fearful that once his ashes return, Kazuki will lose all memory of the girls; Rin resolves sub leave, with Kazuki’s ashes and never return, but she repents after witnessing the lengths he will go to keep a promise.

Next day, it’s seen that Kuriko somehow cancelled her journey to New York and stayed with Kazuki. Rin watches some videos on proper behavior in order to prepare for the visit. After following her, they discover she is on a date with a strange man who is up to no good.