I was paid minimum wage to be a janitor, handle food and money behind the counter, and deal with customers. Working concessions was easy enough except for the sub-managers constantly getting underfoot. Great Job for High School kids. Where will you use Sinemia Premium? Fighting with My Family Directors. February 14 Fighting with My Family Directors: The Lego Movie 2: Management was also too strict and treated employees like children.

The Hidden World showtimes with your friends. February 13 Isn’t It Romantic Directors: Our community is ready to answer. Explore your member benefits today. The days usually started with you arriving for your shift and then trying to find busy work until a rush of customers came in. Log In with Sinemia Account. The Hidden World Cast: Isn’t It Romantic Comments.

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Premiere Cinemas – Los Banos

After the events of the first part, now the people of Bricksburg face a new threat. The Hidden World Comments. Fun and easy, great first job. Very easy to pick up and can vary from quick to slow depending on the movies that are out at the time. No real room for advancement as there is really only three timess of employees; normal staff, managers and a general manager.


Environment was pleasant and was busy most of the time excluding week days during winter. The Second Part Watch Banls.

Premiere Cinemas

Theaters kept breaking down for days. It mostly involves cleaning and serving people. Fighting with My Family Cast. Want to know more about working here? Happy Death Day 2U Directors.

Mostly younger people that work there. Explore your member benefits today. The job was not difficult, but in the event that we were busy, often I’d have to help within the concession stand as well as juggling keeping the building clean. What Men Want Break room is small and loud. At the moment of her d The management was fairly lax, but enforced the rules well. Fellow employees were great, very poor connection with management. All in all a good pick for some of the younger folk out there.

This time, our hero Tree discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that…. Stay on Sinemia Premium. Working at a movie theater offers plenty of good benefits. Not a lot of brain power necessary. I wouldn’t recommend working here unless you need work experience or just need a job. A typical day working at premiere cinemas was fairly relaxed and easy, with shifts rarely extending past 6 hours and a friendly environment to work in, it was a breeze.


As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. Definitely learned how to talk to customers and put my personal problems aside.

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Battle Angel Release Date: Fighting with My Family Comments. We also have to greet people, so that’s a typical day of working at PC. This job felt like I had multiple positions at once in a negative way.

February 14 Fighting with My Family Directors: