Norquist is questioned but denies it. Retrieved from ” https: Before he dies, he identifies his attacker when Branch shows him David Ridges’ picture. The sheriff’s office investigates a murder linked to a missing Indian girl and a mobile brothel. Walt suggests Grady forced Ethan to drink excessively, put his body in Dolan’s home, and torched it. Meanwhile, after seeing Cady’s mail piled up and having no contact with her, Branch visits Henry’s bar to ask if he has heard from her, which he hasn’t. A safe deposit box gets delivered to the office.

The team investigates the suffocating death of a wilderness guide. He learns Ridges has committed suicide and Jacob Nighthorse burned the body in a ceremony. Walt goes to their house and tests the key, which unlocks the door. He then puts his sheriff’s badge in a safe and tucks a gun into the back of his jeans. Greg Collette Patrick Robert Smith Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Sean tells Vic to resign her job to save their marriage. Edit Details Release Date:

Meanwhile, Ed Gorski ultimately helps Walt find and rescue them; during this time, Gilbert denies involvement in the murder of Walt’s wife. Meanwhile, Vic receives a mysterious bouquet of flowers at work. Use the HTML below. Walt catcasses to their house and tests the key, which unlocks the door.

carcazses What bothers Sean the most about it was Ed Gorski sent it with a strange number written on the back. Meanwhile, Detective Fales visits Henry to ask why he went twice to Denver as Walt had, following his wife’s death.

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Walt realizes the Irish Mob is involved in the heroin trade and other illegal activities in the county. TV by the Numbers. He recalls it as the Warrior thanking the Great Spirit for blessing him, but is told that payment should be him fighting for the “brothers” he finds in life. The son expected to see his father with Mrs. Walt helps a year-old girl who Cady finds alone in a car parked at the casino.


Dolan tells them Ethan was employed at Jacob Nighthorse’s casino. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

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Nighthorse makes a deal with Walt by promising to tell him Ridges’ location the next time the latter contacts him in return for Walt not charging him for false statements about the sabotage to Cady’s car. Walt and Vic believe Walker, the oil foreman, to be behind a recent murder, until it seems Gabrielle is a more likely suspect.

Seen List Shows, Episodes. The victim’s brother had accidentally killed her while trying to urge her back into the Mennonite community. Jacob and Henry kidnap Malachi and confront him with their evidence. Meanwhile, Walt sends Vic to pick up Hector, Henry’s only witness, at a neighboring county sheriff’s office.

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Walt releases Nighthorse who later advises him of Ridges’ location. This sets Walt’s team off on an investigation into prescription drug theft, which leads them to a pharmacist who had supplied a list of hydrocodone buyers to a group of thugs.

Ferg is missing after the ambush but is shortly found with minor injuries. Walt identifies Shane Muldoon as the head of the Irish mob and tells him to keep his illegal activities out of Absaroka Lkngmire.


Walt vows to get Henry a lawyer. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Meanwhile, after seeing Cady’s mail piled up and having no contact with her, Carcassew visits Henry’s bar to ask if he has heard from her, which csst hasn’t.

Soon his team stumbles across two: Walt gets an unexpected visitor that helps him with is search for Malachi. Further investigation soon turns up the charred body of a local man inside a house, and Longmire discovers that he had received death threats after marrying a woman from outside of his tribe. Archived from the original on July 29, Vic takes the stand against Chance Gilbert in the kidnapping case. Branch agrees, but, suspicious, looks into the company’s dealing with Nighthorse.

During transport, he talks in code, which Longmire translates to learn the cult has been left in the path of an oncoming train to be killed should their accompanying poison not work. Vic and Walt hunt down Shane Muldoon. A murder occurs with the opening of the casino, causing Walt to apologize to Nighthorse, for believing he was involved in both Walt’s wife and Branch’s death, in order to get his help.

It is also revealed that Walt’s wife had earlier died of cancer. Cady Longmire Adam Bartley