Share Save for later. And that has turned out to be a pretty good strategy for me at least. So we find new meanings in those new understandings. Faith has a way of taking doubt as affirmation, and the struggle that tension creates feels vital and real. But then just about everyone said yes and suddenly we had a massive roster. I really had a hard time admitting it to myself.

And then one day I just started drawing with pen and all of a sudden I could just draw endlessly. Our Supinfocom feed is pretty rad. Definitely a part time job. In my pre-dad anxiety I told a good friend, in near tears, that I was terrified of being a bad father. So we find new meanings in those new understandings. What causes them to go away?

I want to make my own work, and success for me is doing that and having enough money to live reasonably comfortably.

Animator Nicolas Ménard on Late Night Work Club

Those hesds are indeed from my short. What are these shapes? Anonmation quickly picks up pace, turning into a rhythmic, kaleidoscopic dance of wacky group drawings.

The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in lwnc is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. We follow the protagonist n a journey to find out where God resides. A massive thanks is due to Brooks Ryba for the heads-up. This is perhaps my favourite of the lot.

Losing faith in god made me a far greater optimist.

Other members do a ton as well: Just put the time in and you have as much chance as lnac of making it work. I studied graphic design in Montreal, Canada. Late Night Work Club really got going almost exactly a year ago as I write this, in mid summer of I was a bit bored and having trouble understanding what this whole thing was about but, since Max made it, I stayed locked in and am glad I heaxs.

My style tends to restrict me to a specific kind of clientele, which means the hsads is sometimes sporadic but the clients I work with are much more interested in working with me personally as opposed to simply wanting my knowledge of After Effects. Where was your head dilm during that time? This piece is stylistically gorgeous.


I mentioned Charles earlier- he went for a lnwd general art degree but taught himself animation afterward. Writing an application is like building a house of cards; you know, before writing a single line of code, what the final functional outcome will be but the act of actually constructing it takes a long stretch of continuous concentration.

This is an amazing trait to have if your day job is to dictate, in exhausting detail, exactly what a computer should do but becomes a burden when nearly everyone you care about wonders why your focus is eternally elsewhere.

I no longer had to ignore the cognitive dissonance that was often deafening. A fun concept film, this animation is a well-edited screen recording of a a Doodletoo chatroom.

He makes — amongst other things — short films, GIFs, prints, books and interactive art. The squid and whale were my way of talking about how we draw meaning from the universe. We all talked on twitter pretty regularly and had started doing Google Hangouts to talk about making things and whatever else. Which is a lot. I ended up coming to grips with my vanishing belief in the summer ofand was still leading a weekly bible study and doing a talk every Monday. So we find new meanings in those new understandings.

And I ran the fil, past them and they got really excited and threw in their ideas. This gorgeous three and a half minute trip-fest of undulating, constantly-morphing animation by Masanobu Hiraoka of Je Regarde demands to be watched on the largest display currently at your disposal. Any chance I can get a sneak peak? Last Tuesday at midnight, heas Ghost Stories was first released, I felt similar giddy pangs while watching it for the first time.

Attached above is a video — by Stuart Sinclair — that fits in nicely with the aforementioned watchables.

I possess a near-superhuman ability to ignore everything that resides outside the scope of whatever infatuation currently occupies my mind grapes. Share Save for later. Can you tell us about Late Night Work Club and you got involved? Charles Huettner and I had been grumbling on twitter for a few months about our dissatisfaction with how noncohesive the online indie animation scene is, and how poorly most sites cover it.

What do your admin duties entail? I think I immediately emailed Sean Buckelew. And my wife Bethany Hockenberry is handling a lot of the behind headx scenes work for the Uncanny Mystery Pack, ordering materials, coordinating other admin stuff post-release, and other stuff I forget to do. Definitely a part time job. For more CRCR-created goodness just follow this hyperlink.


Over the next couple of days we had an email chain a couple hundred replies long from just the 4 of us, and then we started reaching out to people we knew whose work we liked. Against Time I possess a near-superhuman ability to ignore everything that resides outside the scope filmm whatever infatuation currently occupies my mind grapes.

I heard about it for the first time when they released the trailer for Ghost Stories.

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Projection mapping is sufficiently magical when displayed on static surfaces but to see it like this takes the medium to a whole new level. Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg What causes them to go away? My short changed a lot over time. It was kind of me working out my revised take on humanity, evolution, history and the future. By the end of the video, the stars mean something very different than they did when we were just looking at them from our campfires. There are those times where you just sit back and look at something and are just amazed you got it out of your head and onto the screen and it turned out pretty decently.

As we learn more about it things like the stars turn out to not be exalted ancestors or patterns that tell the future, but balls of gas shining from billions of years away.

Some people just do whatever job so they can get back to work on what matters to them, and there are people like me who are gluttons for punishment and seek out work that is meaningful.

I also like talking to people and making friends and stuff, and my job allows and really needs a lot of twittering.