Text messages between him have been leaked by TheXSergeant https: Miniladdd, real name Craig Thompson, 2. Keemstar talks about his private life. Otherwise, I’m gonna talk a few more things about Keem in general. They believe he took advantage of the year-old. Dec 13, 6, 0 0.

Keemstar talks about his private life. These are the 5 Worst things that Keemstar has done! Rktk Member Feb 2, Dec 10, 35, 1 0. Youtube, video, Gaming, keemstar, dramaalert, drama alert, this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen Dec 20, 30, 0 0 Columbus, OH.

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It takes no effort and its’ shitty lmao. The first sight of this can result into a warning then a ban.

Minecraft YouTuber LionMaker Tweets Child Porn #Dram…

Disgusting in either scenario. In this episode I am reading and discussing an article written about YouTuber Onision! The server was run by one head honcho guy named “B” along with 3 other people “J”, draa and “H” along with a few other lower moderation staff apige made sure that the members werent killing eachother.

Then outside of these pedophiles you have an abundance of Minecraft channels that exist purely to troll the shit out of little kids and destroy all of their work. However that’s perfectly legal in most of the US; 15 isn’t. Markiplier – Draw my Life Dec 11, 6, 0 0.


Motherboard (Vice): YT Personalities Use Minecraft to Prey on Underage Fans

There seems to have been a sudden, huge, surge of them from out of nowhere. Jun 8, 8, 0 1, 34 London, Canada. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. Otherwise, I’m gonna talk a few more things about Keem in general. Sep 10, 19, 0 0. Youtube, video, Gaming, keemstar, dramaalert, dramaalertexposed, keemstar exposed, exposed, To everyone here in this community please don’t say any bad words, and anything that has to with spam or inappropriate content.

This is a disgusting story. Thundercunt is now banned from said server because she called the staff “spergs”.

Last edited by a moderator: Sorry to all the people who have ever interacted with this disgusting human being.

Who Wrote iDubbbz Disstrack? Keemstar anr is a psychopath though. Kidding, Youtube is a time consuming and expensive thing to do, please help support the Channel on Patreon: Jun 22, 4, 0 0. Minecraft, which has sold more than 22 million copies on the PC alone, is hugely popular with kids: I know there is a bunch of drama going on with Keemstar at the moment.


Internet Archive Search: subject:”drama alert”

YouTube Terms of Service: He isn’t too modest about shenanigans he pulled over time. Oct 22, 9, 0 0 Texas. Venom Wolfx Upload date: Can we aim for 10 likes?

Youtube, video, Comedy, DramaAlert, drama alert, keemstar, youtube news, H3h3productions, gfuel, I just googled Paul Walker and he dated two sixteen year olds?

As if I’m surprised. RomanticHeroX Member Feb 2, When you reflect on the past you see how far you’ve come and realise the search to draama the person you want to be isn’t as far away as you think.

Get some gaming eye ware that works and is cheap! Mistouze user-friendly man-cashews Feb 2, Mar 14, 4, 0 0. The young girl in the photos posted to LionMaker’s Twitter account is known online as “Paige Thepanda. Looks like you’ve reached the end.