Don’t have an account? Was this guide helpful? Use the Force to pump in the colored liquids, so the mixture will match what is displayed on the circular panel. Answered What is the code for max studs? Pull out all three carrots to make the canister appear on the boulder. Vader and Anakin have another short fight. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:. Move the object inside the new room with the Force, then make it explode with the Force.

Destroy the door to get in there. Hover as an astromech droid across the gap, and then grapple up to the high ledge with the canister. At the last of them, jump to the only one you can reach. Kill all the clones, then use the Force on the panel to your right. After getting rid of the droids, use the Force on the ship on the ground. Continue across these platforms by grappling until reaching the canister. Afterward, destroy them all. I love to hear from you guys, so please comment and e-mail me whenever you like!

From these platforms, jump up to the canister. A cutscene shows a Wookiee pilot arriving at Kashyyyk to drop off Yoda. The field will automatically deactivate when approached. Shoot the target on the right, then jump off the platform and hit the target on the left in midair.

Vader will destroy the LEGO structure blocking two switches. Watch out for boulders you can shoot or Force them and continue to the very end. Behind it is a bomb – move it next to Grievous with the Force mniikits blow it up with Cody. Before the large head statue at the ruins, use the Force to pull out some plants, revealing a stone piece. Use the Force on the switch to stop it. First Time Use Yoda and Force the two square-ish objects on either side of the raised bridge lfgo lower it.


Repeat with the third. Immediately, you’ll see a clone on a walker shoot at you.

Between the blue and purple sets of levers in the corridors, there is another protocol panel. Darth Sidious finds Anakin’s body, then puts on his armor.

Ironically, the superkit piece in the first level is rather difficult to get, and the superkit piece in this level is very easy to get.

Kill the Droideka at the imnikits, then use R2-D2 to open the door. Once you deal with the Clones, go to the right. Before going through the door that leads on to the large semicircular chamber, follow the stairs down toward the council room. This will reveal a grapple hook above you.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

Use the Force to place all of the billiards balls in their respective colored pockets. The canister is lying in the open, along the temple’s front walls. Ruin of the Jedi Canister 1: After lowering the bridge at the very beginning of the level, head down the path and go right.

In the area with the first target switch, drop down to lowest level, without falling into the pits. Use Yoda and Force the two square-ish objects on either side of the raised bridge to lower it. At the rooftop area, step on the buttons on the large domes to open up all the cages. Double jump as Jar Jar from it toward the canister above. In the lengthy area with chaptter plant-covered balconies, grapple up to stwr balcony that has the canister. Use the Force on the two lights near the bridge to lower it, then cross.

Drop back down and continue going up, then Force the epiwode together once you reach the end and step on the buttons. Keep going, and you’ll see another just chapyer a ship. In the first room with the circular light panels, go left as usual. Droid Factory Canister 1: At the bridge, check the right side of the back wall for the canister. Use the Force to minlkits a platform up to the vent, and then enter the vent as a kid to get behind the gate. Notify me of new comments via email.


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In the next, you can build Small Air Support. Three objective icons will appear. To its left is a large rock.

Activate the astromech panels to reconfigure the fields until the canister can be reached. At the very end, before opening the little ship, jump on top of it and use a high jumper to reach a Canister.

After using the Force to move aside the blocks covering it, double up there as Jar Jar to grab the canister. At the beach area, use the Force on the pieces in front of the large wooden gate to repair the bridge.

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After entering the hangar, follow the screen to the left to see a large capsule. In the chamber with the locked gate, step on the buttons on the left side to extend some platforms that also have buttons on them. Stand on it with Cody. Move the nearest tree. Retrieved from ” https: The canister is lying in the open, on these ledges. In the chamber with the locked gate, step on the buttons on the right side to extend some platforms that also have buttons on them. Cross the bridge and enter a dome.

The canister is behind the brown lattices at one side. Then build three objects in the zone, as long as they aren’t built on top of the pad where the Separatist barracks are.