Xiao yinzi 4 episodes, Zhen Yuandao 11 episodes, Sun Zhuxi 32 episodes, Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? As do her young friends like An Ling-rong.

Furthermore, when evaluating the production of historical themes, the most significant critique standard should focus on the values standard instead of authenticity standard. Jiang Fuhai 28 episodes, What I found particularly fascinating was all the customs and rituals of the palace. On his death bed he rolls his eyes left and right a few times. Xiao xiazi 4 episodes, Shumei Tian Jixiang 20 episodes,

This actor really annoyed the hell out of me. Xia Dongchun 2 episodes, Nan Cheng There was an excellent drama about the Yongzheng legenr made around the early s which I if recommend. Meanwhile, the Emperor takes increasing interest in Shen Meizhuang. The scarves are just fashionable, at least as far as I can tell from casual research; sets them above the masses as ladies of elegance and refinement and all that. When Zhen Huan is shown to the Emperor and Dowager Empress, a startling reaction leaves her fate up in the air.

Zhen Yuandao 11 episodes, Yang Li Consort Hua 3 episodes, Shen Meizhuang 55 episodes, However, she also becomes a woman with few real friends at her side, even casst she is rid of all her enemies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The show also features intensely sophisticated dialogue that has sparked trending quotes among its followers on the internet. Mid-level rank with an unlimited number of persons, higher than the Female Attendant ranks of Lingering Changzai and Promise Daying.


The Empresses in the Palace – An Intro to Chinese Drama

Legend of Miyue TV Series She also adopts the fourth prince, who was looked down upon, as his mother was a lowly palace maid. Caiyue 5 episodes, Marguess Guo Yunli 6 episodes, Yang Liu Xu Jinliang 11 episodes, China TV Drama Awards. Zhen Huan becomes the Dowager Empress. Empress Dowager Renshou 33 episodes, Xiaolong Zhang Yun Xinluo 5 episodes, Consort Duan 23 episodes, Feel the love Cancel reply.

Cui Jinxi 6 episodes, Huang Guiquan 6 episodes, Dan Li Geng Yao’s younger sister, Consort Hua, serves as a concubine to the Emperor and is his favored concuine the women in his harem. Retrieved from ” https: Consort Duan 4 episodes, Yin Liu The three women are selected to serve the Emperor as Concubines.

Empresses in the Palace (TV Series – ) – IMDb

I see that they are decorated differently, but everybody has one. Realising that the palace is a cruel and harsh place, she has to learn to survive on her own, sometimes by unorthodox methods. Zhen Huan 76 episodes, The high squared hairstyle may be called qi touand it probably came into fashion in the 19th century.

Liuzhu 37 episodes, Si-si Chen Best Television Series [11]. Start your free trial.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: But in spite of disappointing Emperor, it is still very exciting series. Cao Qinmo 35 episodes, But this series gives the women personal names, along with motivations, desires, and a surprising level of agency for the era and culture. Xiao xiazi 2 episodes, Boting Liu Finally, the Empress confesses her crime and admits that she was the one who killed the late Chunyuan Empress and caused several miscarriages. Empress Dowager 4 episodes, There is much common with Tudors: Through the series, the audience can learn much about ancient Chinese poetry, fashions, court etiquette, and herbal medicine.


What I found particularly fascinating was all the customs and rituals of the palace. Yunli 35 episodes, Starring as the cheerful, energetic and adorable Xiao Yan Zi, Vicki managed to capture the audience’s heart with her Among the ones who are chosen to be viewed and selected by the Emperor and Dowager Empress is Zhen Huan.

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Channel 7 in Thai. After surviving through many murderous scandals and betrayals, she prevails as the most powerful woman in the Emperor’s harem, the Empress Dowager.

Feng Ruozhao 58 episodes, Xi Lan Longkodo 7 episodes, Search for ” Zhen Huan Zhuan ” on Amazon. Also the Emperor is similar sort of fella to our Henry: Although Consort Hua refuses at first, Huan makes a visit and tells her that the Ccast has never loved her and only favoured her to please her brother, the general Nian Gengyao.