Kushan angrily starts drinking alcohol. Welcome, Login to your account. Will Trisha come back home safely? I use this immediately after using my regular shampoo and I highly recommend you to use this every time you shampoo your hair. This video will show top products for your healthy skin which will soon be your skin secrets which will brings small changes to your healthy skin care routine. Meanwhile, being fed-up with her miserable life, Trisha attempts suicide. Jain Yastimadhu Powder, g Pack of 2 https: Ep 23 Lavanya manages to free Bobby from Kabir’s custody.

By Harry views. Laut Aao Trisha – 23rd October He says he does not want to talk about office issues and asks her to talk to him in office and walks into his room. Prayagraj Ardh Kumbh Mela The Synergies” is a Dance Troop based out in Chandigarh. By Bollywood Crazies views. Lavanya asks him how can he do this to her and Kushan. Glam Aroma Coconut Vanilla Moisturizer – rs.

Amrita asks 55 how can he terminate Kushan without any reason. Malaika discloses that it was Arpita Mehta’s ensemble which she wore and flaunted at her sister-in-law’s wedding, Arpita Khan Sharma.

She says pappa at first and then says mamma, says she cannot stay without mamma. Urban Platter Lakadong Turmeric Powder, g https: How to get healthy skin is one of our biggest concern. Kabeer informs Pratik that Trisha used debit card to withdraw money after she was kidnapped, which he used at a hotel yesterday. Vivaan vents his anger on Sonali for tearing Trisha’s letter.


Lout Aao Trisha

Lavanya says she knows what to do with Pratik. Ep 21 Amrita enquires Bobby, Vivaan and Meghan why Trisha had not attended her college for a week, before her disappearance. Kabir suffers from depression on recalling a past incident. By Chennai Channel 6 views. Sanya episove Amrita fpisode Pratika asking her if she will stay with mamma or pappa when they fight and says she said she will stay wit mamma. The designer showcased a beautiful collection with intricate mirror work embroidery on the ramp making the audiences totally fall in love.

Lavanya says you and your husband are responsible for my problems and curses Amrita that she will not get her full family and happiness from hereon and will live alone her whole life like her. Laut Aao Trisha – 7th October Kushan comes there and asks Lavanya to bring food to his room. You can catch me on facebook https: Pratik says it is his problem and asks her not to interfere.

Kabir’s senior officer scolds him for not investigating Trisha’s case, properly. Welcome, Login to your account.

Laut Aao Trisha Serial Launch – video dailymotion

Ep 23 Lavanya manages to free Bobby from Kabir’s custody. Will someone come to Trisha’s epieode On breakfast table, Pratik asks Amrita why is she not having breakfast.


Products Used – 1. She breaks down into tears on recalling Trisha. Pratik comes there and asks what is happening.

Later, Amrita proceeds to pay the ransom to the kidnapper, to free Trisha. By Style Gods views. Amrita says he has not come from office yet.

Follow me on my social media: Laut Aao Trisha – nnov October Will they be able to return home safely? They both start fighting with her with pillows happily. Sanya comes there and reminds Pratik about his promise of taking her for icecream party. Pratik is annoyed with Amrita for selling the shares of the Swaika company, without informing him.

Laut Aao Trisha – 5th November 2014 : Ep 78

Sonali does not show her concern for Bobby. Everest 5th November Written Episode Update. She walks sadly from there and sees Bobby and Meghan hearing their conversation.