Most of all, Sapno se bhare naina: Also one wonders why everyone in the film is shrieking so loudly every time. An American of Indian origin returns to his roots and decides to stay back in India. Com Part 6 Uploaded by indian-shows. The marginally better-off Billu had shared his ‘wealth’ with Sahir in their childhood – he had shared his daily meals, his silly playthings and finally, his gold earrings to send Sahir to the showbiz world of Mumbai. It makes no sense. Ordinary, decrepit Billu’s life.

Also her pairing with Govinda looks awfully odd. Following which, his father gets a heart attack. The love story falls flat. Bollywood girls Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone give you a slice of the usual Bollywood-pie with their dreamy eyes and dancing steps. Irrfan Khan is fabulous on screen. He thinks it is impudent to display his poverty to his friend. He comes to Delhi and walks into Paharganj. Aly Khan as the slimy producer of small films is impressive, and the actor playing his wife Pinky gives a wonderfully credible rendering.

What roller coaster rid it all leads to forms the rest of the film.

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The film is engaging in bits and spurts. But, alas, the problem is that barring a few individualistic sequences, you don’t carry the film home.

He comes to Delhi and walks into Paharganj. The ‘ordinary’ part is handled in an extraordinary way while the ‘extraordinary’ part is essayed in an veo, hands-down ordinary fashion. As you watch the film and see Dev steadily guzzle vodka and obsess about vsoh lost love you wonder when he will hit rock bottom.

Prem Chopra is alright. Love or ’emosanal atyachar’? Even the Ram Leela sequences, interspersed at regular intervals, are forced in the screenplay. Com Part 6 Uploaded by indian-shows. Razzaak Khan as the bus driver and Asif Basra as the sweet talking conductor are entertaining. Meet fate’s abandoned Chanda Kalki Koechlin or Lenny as we are intially introduced to her as.

But the writing faulty at times as also onlinne execution of the material isn’t the type that would appeal to all sections of moviegoers. Following which, his father gets a heart attack.


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But as the noble hearted Deepak begins his transport business, everyone he starts encountering wants to extract money from him. Com Part 1 Uploaded by indian-shows. So full of cliches and melodrama is the film that sometimes you begin to wonder did the makers intend to take the viewers for a ride.

The biggest high point of sports films are games shown in the film. The romantic track is the weakest link in the enterprise. Gulshan Grover is just about okay. Zoya uses symbolism liberally to make a point: One feels really sad for Hurman Baweja whose tremendous hard work is noticeable in every single scene but is mightily let down by a pathetic script and listless direction by debutante Ajitpal Mangat.

As she slips into repetitive rounds of day-dreams, Jai Randeep Hoodaher ideal man, appears in various avatars — as a shirtless flautist, a movje, James Bond, a saxophone player and even as his eminence Mr.

Just one word to describe the output: The film is technically superior: Also, his American accent looks fake.

With a great debut he wins not just fans but a lot of endorsement deals and lucrative contracts. But their paths gradually diverged; the adventurous Sahir rose up the ivory tower of films, while the village-bound Billu moviw into the shadows of poverty. His wife Bindiya Lara Dutta and two kids barely manage a hand-to-mouth existence, thanks to Billu’s crumbling business and failing income, loaded with debts.

Dev never was in control and Paro’s marriage gives him the trigger to go full throttle towards destruction. Success begins to spoil and distancing him from his lady love Amrita Rao back home.

Billu and Sahir share a connection that dates back to their school days.

Also one fails to understand the need of Hurman’s character using swear words for his opponents. Vijay then decides to mend his mistakes and fight his way back to the team. Though the storyline veohh derived from the original Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol is linear and one-dimensional, director Priyadarshan peps it up with many a touching moment. The two warring brothers Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra and the wall that divides the two; the daughter of the house Sonam Kapoor aspires to veo an ‘Indian Idol’ contestant; a moneylender’s Prem Chopra wife has an illicit relationship with one of his lecherous debtors Cyrus Sahukar ; an ‘untouchable’ Divya Dutta makes more sense than the so- called thekedaars of samaj; a friend of the family Rishi Kapoor has still not forgotten his first love Tanvi Azmi.


But love is also known to set you free, uplift you, rescue you. However, the cracks will start appearing veou than expected, even at plexes.

Also, the ending is so abstract that an average moviegoer would find it difficult to comprehend what the actual culmination is. She wants to retire and spend the last leg of her life back home; dissolving into the soil she was born in. But to give due credit where it deserves, the characterizations have turned out well and some of the sequences plenty in the bus make you really laugh out loud. Watch Victory Online or Download free. Perhaps to dream about your own ideal man or woman.

Neither does the struggle of the housewife — to find her own identity — comes through, nor is her transformation credibly brought out. Delhi 6 tells the story of a young American boy Roshan Abhishek Bachchan of Indian origin, who comes to India for the first time, to drop his ailing grandmother Waheeda Rehman.

If the melodrama was intended to bring in that emotional connect with the audience then the writer-director have clearly failed as throughout the film the emotional impact is clearly missing.