Unfolds like a novel full of characters we can’t help but care about. Mar 16, Rating: By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Sara Pavoncello as Sara Carati 5 years old. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. When the movie concludes, you can talk about these characters as if you actually know them — which won’t be far from the truth. You weep, laugh, celebrate and mourn with the characters throughout the six hours, which at once seem like an eternity and an instant.

Adriana Asti as Adriana Carati. Walter Da Pozzo as Agent Mario. It’s possible this was due in part to an inspired marketing drive that gave punters who saw the first half discounted tickets for the second. Nicola becomes a psychiatrist and political activist whose marriage to firebrand Giulia Sonia Bergamasco ends when she becomes a Red Brigade terrorist. Sandro Petraglia , Stefano Rulli. Claudio Gioe as Vitale Micavi. View All Critic Reviews Just before they are about to depart, Matteo with little planning, liberates a young mental patient, Giorgia Jasmine Trinca , from where he had been working because she had been receiving inhumane electroshock therapy.

Shoot, forget pretty good, this film is awesome, and I must say that I’m a touch surprised, because contrary to what young people believe, they are hardly three hours worth of excitement, let alone six hours.

Unfolds like a novel giovemtu of characters we can’t help but care about. The Internet Movie Database.

The Best of Youth (La meglio gioventù)

View All Critic Reviews And while the Caratis are very different from the Corleones, there are undeniable echoes of The Godfather in the movie’s perceptive analysis of a nation’s conscience through the experiences of one extended family.

Reviewed by Neil Smith Updated 22 June When the movie concludes, you can talk about these characters as if you actually know them — which won’t be far from the truth. Camilla Streamung as Sara Carati. The truth about ordinary people is that they usually exist well outside of events that affect society. At various points in the narrative, their lives collide with Giordana’s other protagonists: The miniseries is better in its second half where it almost achieves a rare moment of transcendence, but instead slips badly.

An astonishing, deeply engrossing Italian family saga that happens to be six hours long. Giovetnu its 6 hours running time by telling an engrossing story with compelling characters. Of course, I can’t honestly say that this film is consistently exciting either, because even though this drama is deeply rewarding, and certainly more compelling than your usual batch of young people problems, intrigue takes some damage.


The second part was a drag, and most of it was unnecessary IMO.

The best of youth (with English subtitles)

Jun 3, Full Review…. Sara Povoncello as Sara Carati age 5.

When I ejglish upon subtitlees movie, its length amazed me. Considering the unusual immensity of this film’s runtime, as well as the film’s, well, being Italian, it’s easy to think that it might get to be too experimental for its own good and slip into dull artistry, and you can rnglish easy englixh that this film very rarely, if ever gets way too carried away with its artistic license, and keeps consistent with some degree of entertainment value, yet a film this thoughtful can go one for only so long without hitting a slow spell, and sure enough, the quietness of the film and steadiness of the plot structuring blands things up a smidge.

Though compromised at times by budgetary restraints, lifeless photography, and some dodgy ageing makeup, this is a film with room to develop themes and characters over time, as well as the confidence to digress, explore, and embellish where necessary.

Sonia Bergamasco as Giulia Monfalco. But more than that I was amazed by its viewers’ and critics rating. The first part went off quite smoothly not flawlessly, though.

The best of youth (with English subtitles) | DEVELOPMENT IN PROGRESS

Few films have ever made better use of combining social and political history with romantic melodrama and suspense. No sooner did the movie begin, I found myself reasonably immersed in it.

How To Train Your Dragon: Nicola becomes a psychiatrist and political streamming whose marriage to firebrand Giulia Sonia Bergamasco ends when she becomes a Red Brigade terrorist.

Stefano RulliSandro Petraglia. Pippo Montalbano as Police Commissioner, Sicily. Material is too limited for our performers to be truly great, but there’s so much time for Boni and Cascio to flesh out their characters, and they waste none of it, drawing deeper and deeper into the hearts and souls of their roles until, after a while, they become their layered characters, selling the extensive transformations that drive this drama’s story, which deserves to be driven by as much inspiration as it can get.

Andrea Tidona as Subtitle Carati. Valentina Carnelutti as Francesca Carati. Needless to say, the concept of making a six-hour-long character drama is unique, and there are enough refreshing areas throughout this film for your investment to never get too shaken, but in more than a few places, the film unfortunately succumbs to conventions, and enough of them for predictability to set in after a while, even though you’ll have to wait a long time to see if your predictions come true, seeing as how this film also takes way too long to tell its familiar story.


Despite many charming elements, this movie is not an example of good storytelling. Giovanni Martorana as Maghribi. Works in the engrossing fashion of a good pulpy novel Marco Tullio Giordana Writer: We want to hear straeming you have to say but need to verify your account.

May 13, Rating: A family that seems as real as your own relatives.

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Maya Sansa as Mirella Utano. As with the best films, you will laugh and cry, as you identify with the emotions and experiences. You may grow to notice what natural shortcomings there are to the film the more things go along, but you also grow to notice the value of this drama the more it unravels, and for this, credit is not only due to Petraglia and Rulli for their worthy efforts as the writers, but also due to director Marco Tullio Giordana, whose ambition is fulfilled time and again by delivering on a thoughtfulness in atmospheric storytelling which may slow things down a bit too much at times, but soaks up enough of the intrigue from this subject matter to keep entertainment value alive more often than not, and milk the weight of the dramatic highlights for all their worth, resulting in a moment of genuine resonance to break up consistent and ever-augmenting compellingness.

Sep 25, Rating: Post Share on Facebook. Archive of reviews ending 2 May Domenico Centamore as Agent Enzo. More Top Movies Trailers. Paolo Bonanni as Luigino. Quite frankly, I was sold on this film from its very first bit of sound: But it’s also true that this emotive piece speaks directly to the hopes, fears, and ambitions of a generation who grew up during one of the most turbulent periods in recent Italian history. Jun 24, Rating: Its point is this: DramaWorld Cinema Length: Log in with Facebook.

Jasmine Trinca as Giorgia.