This is a masterful film. They have a real charm about them but when they merge their bleak samurai films with horror they just don’t seem to be able to pull it off and Kaidan Otherwise known as Ghost Stories is an example of this. But at least see “Hoichi the Earless” for its composition and story. Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro shares heartfelt appreciations for eleven of his favorite films in the collection. Whilst away, he marries a rich girl, but discovers he is far from happy. Shot in gorgeous, sumptuous color way back in by director Masaki Kobayashi, Kwaidan is an unusual, unique and quite extraordinary entry in the old horror anthology genre best represented by ‘s Dead of Night and Milton Subotsky’s Amicus anthology series i.

BaronWolfgangVonSchreck 20 January The reason that this film is a masterpiece is its masterful composition. My 60 favourite films. My vote is ten. Kwaidan is a four-segment horror anthology but you’d be hard pressed to find one more removed from the typical plastic bats and cobwebs Gothic anthologies of Amicus or Hammer. It’s also the most influential, with its main premise prominently re-used in Conan the Barbarian. Hoichi is a blind musician, living in a monastery who sings so well that a ghostly imperial court commands him to perform the epic ballad of their death battle for them.

Yes No Report this. Except for “Hoichi, the Earless,” one of the most stunning tales I’ve ever experienced in a film, you can see the ending coming from a long ways away the final episode, “In a Cup of Tea,” is a little different, in that it has no ending, per se; the ending the filmmakers do come up with is kwaian little disappointing.

It is soon apparent that they are ghosts, and when Hoichi refuses to play for them, they exact revenge. The rest of you, I suggest you find a Japanese storyteller to tell you the stories.


Whilst away, he marries a rich girl, but discovers he is far from happy. Snowbody Loves Me Trust me, if you consider yourself a serious fan of horror cinema, you have to see this.

In ‘black hair’,an uncaring samurai leaves his sweet loving wife, to find fortune as he is sick of being poor. A poor samurai who divorces his true love to marry for money, but finds the marriage disastrous and returns to his old wife, only to discover something eerie about her.

In ‘hoichi the earless’ a young blind performer with a beautiful voice is drawn to perform every night for a secretive lord who lives in the woods. Another masterpiece by Masaki Kobayashi.

If you’re looking for stories with more complexity than fairytales and anything remotely resembling action, however, you probably won’t want to sit through this entire film. The telling of the story often destroys elements in the story which overlap with the life of the storyteller.

Henry “twist” endings and deliberately telegraph their punches, case in point being “Hoichi the Earless”, which gives away its climax with its very title! This is a wonderful movie.

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A visual feast proving that in the right hands style can be substance. His camera with its slow tracking shots is like a brush, painting a celluloid canvas with vivid, lush compositions and it comes as no surprise to find out that he had a background in painting. The movie consists of four stories. The bottom line is as follows: The combination of eerie, supernatural material, the dreamlike atmosphere and the use of subittles in lighting and sets reminded me of the great Italian maestro, Mario Bava; although Kwaidan by no means fits in the Gothic horror mold.


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19964 He promises to never tell what had happened to him. And so too here: It’s labeled horror, but while the four stories within deal with ghosts and the supernatural, I doubt that anyone would be actually frightened watching it.

Kwaidan is a somewhat difficult work. It’s like watching a moving painting or experiencing a trance.

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Style over substance one could argue. Inn of Evil Two women are raped and killed by samurai soldiers.

The mother of a feudal lord’s only heir is kidnapped away from her husband by the lord. This film contains four distinct, separate stories. It sounds bad on paper, but of all the stories, this last one shbtitles the one that really strikes me as something people should really try to see. I love films with brilliant cinematography and godly colors wich this film has.

The third story which are one of the best things I have ever seen on film. Clara e Marina kwaidqn Subtitle Eng. Kwaidan has such a haunting effect because of the scary music and the sound effects are unnerving -ly edited. A decade later he forgets his promise. Painting of a Painting tedg 27 October kwwaidan The Human Condition I: