Where can I watch the full episodes of Season 1 with english subs? I can imagine that it may be difficult for Thai to speak about things like sexuality!? Apr 01, at It was too bad you were away. And Channel 4 seems to do this often. I had time to download EP 1 to EP 3 in a medium quality.

Queer characters may be a new trope for teen dramas, but in this case their stories were presented as matter-of-factly as any other teen love story and felt imminently relatable, even to someone whose coming out experience was 15 years previous and 7, miles away. While there has been some backlash, both series have proven quite popular. But I often find UK television shows are more about the shock value than the content itself. I can’t wait to see when Non finds out that Tee’s ex is Phu – a guy. I discovered a fair few new phrases and expressions. Aug 07, at

Aug 29, at 3: Jun 14, at Although I understand thai but still, thank you for English sub! At least the girls are cute. Now kudaalakorn don’t think it’s an official account, isn’t it?

HORMONES SEASON 2 – Other Asian Entertainment – OneHallyu

Hey Dana, season 2 is 4 episodes in. When I find series 2 I’ll post it up: I hope she would end up with that photographer guy. I was on episode 5 of season 1 and the youtube videos were taken down: I’m trying to find series 2 with English subtitles. The two girls, already best friends, become closer when Dao tells Koi about her ex-boyfriend whom she slept with before he abandoned her to deal with the ramifications of their premarital sex on her own. This topic has been archived.


Tar walks in school and notices that everyone is talking about the show. Aug 05, at 7: The second link has been taken down, but I found another here: Plus if he is going to be as stiff as a plank of wood he should have no come. In my day adults chose not to teach us about sex in the classroom because they feared it would lead to us having sex, when actually it just forced kids to go out and learn on their own.

Being from the place Skins UK was filmed, it will always be dear to my heart, but this looks great so I might check it out!

Thai Movie Series Hormones – With English Subtitles

And Channel 4 seems to do this often. How long according to you?

I hope somebody subs the 2nd season, and I hope they do it fast. Or is there a real story?

Hormones Thai Movie With English Subtitles

Sadly, it is no longer operational ; Hmmm, wondering what happened to the site owner. In the meantime, please watch this episode. I like this review a lot. I am sure the director of Hormones is trying to send us a message.


Aug 07, at Please let me know if you come across a version on YouTube. This culminates in one of the other students clanging together cymbals, which are apparently a signifier for breasts in Thailand, in order to provoke Dao.

I almost forgot about this drama.

Contribute to the conversation May 05, at 6: A main character in the first season with a very strict mother, Dao had already dealt with the teasing that came from kudwlakorn students finding out about their tryst when she purchased emergency contraception. The one Malaysian I know personally, has a name which people always find difficult to pronounce. Kudalakor I often find UK television shows are more about the shock value than the content itself.

Thai Teen Drama “Hormones” Features Lesbian Couple, Is Better Than “Skins”

Also, the acting is not bad at all! It seems that as Thailand becomes more accepting, more companies are willing to fund and air these types of shows. Get in touch with Alley on Kuralakorn or Instagram.