August 4, at 7: April 24, at 9: You want to take combat out of Taekwondo which makes zero sense. Meet the Instructors Learn about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Taekwondo Videos Following are some select taekwondo videos showing competition, demonstrations, and training. For the rest of the Taekwondo community that promotes Taekwondo as a fighting art they are a thorn in our side. They obviously have strong basics if they are able to do a front kick during a backflip or what ever else they do.

We were a killing powerful country once with a martial art that was unbelievably strong. I completely agree with what White Dragons is trying to say, although he could have said not in an offensive manner. It is purely idiotic to think Taekwondo is not a fighting art but a performance art to show off. Maybe your mcdojag taugt you you can get it in 1 year and pay bucks for it. August 4, at 7: Sent out via e-mail just about every other week. But, hey, they say fighting is a dance with grace and fierceness like none other. July 13, at 3:

And yes they do dance to gangnam style. Taekwondo is a type of physical expression called martial arts, designed to be used in combat to preserve promtoion life or the lives of others.

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If military style fighting is what you are looking for, traditional taekwondo is not it. Watch the following video:. Then when someone goes to learn tkd they will obviously be learning real taekwondo because I know of very little dojangs where they go straight to teaching demonstration techniques. May 16, at 8: Oh, but they are very good at basic techniques and have very solid and crisp movements; but unfortunately for the rest of the Taekwondo world the entire point of their existence is to look pretty, impress people with acrobatics, make up ridiculous fantasy type of taeiwondo scenes with music backing them up and break very thin promotionn made out of balsa wood.


This site uses cookies. What’s On The Menu: They claim to fight a stereotype which actually would be positive and promote the art well as something that is worth a lot while promoting a multi-decade-long stereo type that Taekwondo is simply a joke. What are the Summer Camps? A fun, epic battle on a Korean talent show: Collection of the Best Kicks 5: Saying that Taekwando should be taken away from the Koreans is simply arrogant.

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It’s a fun-filled hour of action and learning. Not offending you guys but believe me. How to the tie belt?

Im not defending them I just think your hatred is unwarranted. After all Taekwondo is a martial art! Please login to join discussion. Taekwondo Highlights By Itsenzothebaker 7: I am trully sorry if i have ever hurt your feelings as well as the others. In the end, a gun wins against a foot, so K-Tigers is trying to change Taekwondo so it can stay relevant to a large population.

Thank you again for writing this nonsense post just to create debate! Taekwondo is a work of art to.

Notify me of new comments via email. Taekwondo has a handful of effective techniques but as a whole, lacks practical application. Their idea to promote taekwondo is very special and interesting. November 9, at Often used in the plural.

Try workouts before paying? November 5, at As a result of your intended hate and jealousy thowards K-Tigers you have now succesfully promoted them even more! The development of Taekwondo to be better is based on hip hop dancing!


Taekwondo is the main offender of this stupid behavior and philosophy more so than any other Martial Art today. But for now, I think I will share it.

As the world strays away from hand-to-hand combat war, the need for raw power and deadly techniques lowers and becomes less interesting than the flashy version.

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And that darn stereotype that Taekwondo is a martial art and a deadly killing system and usable in self defense is just too popular! Who are you fighting in your neighborhood? November 4, at From what i see,more people are joining taekwondo this days. If your to headstrong that all you care about is how to beat somebody up then you shouldnt be doing taekwondo cause it obviously isnt for you. We must stop it! Also I am not concerned on what your doing in taekwondo, I just came across your post and thought that you are a little too wrapped ktigere in what they are doing in taekwondo, thats all.

Luckily I quit later and also learned from other teachers through my life. December 11, at ktigrs To push your boundaries. Instead of criticizing others, you should work on your own belt Dan. Reverse psycology at its finest! August 14, at