Sacred Property on Internet Context is King: Santhosh pandit Mouth Publicity. December 1, at 8: Karnanu – kavajavum kundalavum pole Prasad Guruvayoorappa Assistant Directors: NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He says he had to sell one of his three properties in Kozhikode to make his debut film.

Where does he get the money to produce his films? Avva is not a failure Annaji must discontinue his fast: Despite all the hate comments, criticism, and ridicule, he managed to bring in huge crowds to the three theatres where the film was released, at a time when it is tough even for movies with superstars to pull in audiences. Pandit, who claims his forefathers migrated to Kerala from Uttar Pradesh, first appeared on the horizon six years ago with Kalyaniyude Kalyanam, a tele-film, which was shown in a local Kozhikode channel. Famous dialogues from Krishnanum Radhayum. For any clarification, write to us at dak[at]sarai[dot]net. The songs and trailers of the film went viral in YouTube after it was released there before the release of the film.

The national award winner Saleem Dialovues said that he also have become the fan of Santhosh Pandit. Often, Pandit has also been at the receiving end of casteist abuses for the same reasons.

Till the release of the song sequence on YouTube, the name Pandit was unknown even to the most avid film enthusiasts in Kozhikode, the place from where he hails.

The New Indian Express. He is known for his directorial debut film Krishnanum Radhayum in which he appeared in the lead role and handled almost all the major departments of the film. The songs went on to become hugely popular.

Raadhayum handled almost everything–story, screenplay, dialogues, direction, production, choreography, stunts, lyrics, music, singing, graphics Starting krishnznum the basics of video editing, he slowly started to experiment with other technical aspects of digital film production.


Fan image relating to Krishneyum Radheyum with the text: Retrieved from ” https: South indian actor Santhosh pandit who was a famous star in youtube and get popular by his movie Krishnanaum Radhayum was attacked by rotten tomatoes and eggs by the people and also have alot of bad commands against him,when he comes for an inauguration of a dialogurs parlour in perinthalmanna in Malappuram district. The film was released in 3 theatres on 21 October in Kerala. Santhosh Pandit interview Sunday Theatre.

The new director Aashiq Abu who created the movie “Salt and Pepper” said that Santhosh Pandit is dialogkes even a topic to discuss. He believes that he has made an entertaining film and viewers are enjoying it.

Sandosh Pandit: Famous dialogues from Krishnanum Radhayum

Interestingly, this was followed by the successful release of the audio and DVD copies of the film which came as an utter shock to the film pundits who had written off Pandit as a nobody whose radhauum did not even merit mention at the box-office collection. John has a kind natured heart and so he tends to help anyone who is in trouble.

Kerala Vision News – First day report. Rathri Shubharathri Santhosh Pandit. Santhosh Pandit is a Malayalam film actor and director. The phenomenal success of Santhosh Pandit movies are manifold. One, he chose to take the road less traveled, question the status quo challenged conventional wisdom, organised slavery of operating with an association like an organised body, eliminating middlemen from the movie industry, and break the monopoly of organised behavior in out society.

Reactions from film field about Santhosh Pandit. Santhosh Pandit get attacked,is he deserve it or krishmanum

Could it be to watch an almost masochistic desire to see something that is ridiculously crap? Interestingly, India stood only fifth among the countries that had searched for him.

I t is easy to dismiss Santosh Pandit as a fluke, but it would be wiser to introspect on what has worked for this man with no past experience in films. Cast The movie features more than a hundred artists. But responses to Pandit were not all laudatory — there were acerbic attacks on him both on and off the web, also culminating in several physical attacks, being manhandled and pelted with stones and eggs. Views Read Edit View history. Avva is not a failure Annaji must discontinue his fast: Or to discover for oneself what the brouhaha is all about?


As the Editors of the website approve comments before they are published, there can be a slight delay in their appearance on the pages, especially during weekends. The songs lacked quality but everyone wanted to watch them again and again. All of them are fresh faces.

He claims he gets some money for each hit on the internet for his songs. May be Santhosh pandit followed the Silsila strategy to attract more viewers. God Paranju anne nee cot azikunno. He broke the rialogues mentality and chose freedom to slavery or organised slavery which controls almost all activities in any sector. John dialohues a few sneaky tactics and soon Sreelatha commences to follow a healthy diet. He was also seen in the lead with the rest of cast were all debutants.

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Your email address will not be published. Santosh Pandit could be a classic example of the flash in the pan theory, but he has provided food for thought for the film industry with his unprecedented success.

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