Ghost Mama Sousasen Japanese Drama. A Beautiful Mind Korean Drama. I felt that the drama did much better in character development and their relationship compare to the movie. KawaiiGarden , Nov 21, I can watch anything from mystery supernatural drama eg Akumu chan, xxxholic to guys beating each other up everyday eg. Ho Goo’s Love Korean Drama. Lie to Me Korean Drama. Dragon Sakura is a school drama and it’s about a teacher again who is a former lawyer and his story as he guides his students to pass in Toudai the most prestigious university in Japan.

Orange Marmalade Korean Drama. Operation Proposal Korean Drama. Capital Scandal Korean Drama. I don’t know for what reason but figured I should post it too. You are commenting using your WordPress. Top Star Korean Movie. Koizora Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru One Litre of Tears drama and movie – liked the drama more Innocent Love drama – again the leading actor not so attractive but definitely made me cry. Summer Love Korean Drama.

I Will Fly to the Sky on a Wheelchair! Protect the Boss Korean Drama.

Naeil’s Cantabile Korean Drama. Mika is xrama and hurt that her first kiss had to happen this way. Death Note Japanese Drama. Taiyou no Uta Japanese Drama.


Helter Skelter Japanese Movie. You Are The Best! Love Story in Harvard Korean Drama. Operation Proposal Korean Drama. Joker Game Koizoea Movie. Missing Korea Korean Drama.

Into the Fire Korean Movie. It really is something diffferent with some unpredictable events Funny: Liar Game Japanese Drama. Painter Of The Wind http: Playful Kiss Korean Drama. Lead actors are well known. Moon Geun Young is amazing. Que Sera, Sera Korean Drama. Mother’s Garden Korean Drama. Lemma Soft Forums Supporting creators wpisode visual novels and story-based games since Coffee Prince Korean Drama.

Norwegian Wood Japanese Movie.

But destiny stepped in and separated them, and both moved on with their lives. Share This Page Tweet. Love in the Moonlight Korean Drama. I may have to look into some of the other rdama in this thread!

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver

I would have liked both the movie and drama if they were switched around. Lovely cast and good acting!

Heroine Disqualified Japanese Movie. Hana Yori Dango Japanese Movie.

Marriage, Not Dating Korean Drama. Freeter, Ie o Kau. Crama Me Not Korean Movie. Warm and Cozy Korean Drama. Family’s Form Japanese Drama. It’s harder for me to remember Japanese title for some odd reason: Gokusen 3 Japanese Drama.


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[jdrama] Koizora – Ep01 (First Impression) | getLazy

Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Maybe I’m just a cry-baby but I cried in some episodes usually near the ending. You won’t be dissapointed if you watch this. Tree of Heaven Korean Drama. We Broke Up Korean Drama. Gokusen Special Japanese Special. It was a wonderful drama. The Heirs Korean Drama. Dae Jang Geum http: The Last Recipe Japanese Movie. I’ve watched both the movie and the drama Hana Kimi drama – I somewhat liked su more than the Taiwanese version.

Me too, I really mlove Hiro. God’s Gift – 14 Days Korean Drama.