As a sign of friendship Kuro gives a white hair pin to Shirai and wears a black version herself. Kuro gets Shirai to walk her home, who then apologizes for what she said before. Later that night, Rin tries to make a move on Aoki as he sleeps, but backs off when she believes him to be ‘a bit too big’ for her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aoki is slapped for this, but forgiven as usual. Another OVA was released on January 23,

Aoki’s pants were soiled, actually due to Rin’s saliva, but the three of them made it look as though he ejaculated on his pants. After Aoki visits Rin’s house and talks with Reiji, he mends his relationship with Rin by telling her that she is important to him. Retrieved from ” https: He puts a padlock on the outside of her room to keep her from leaving. Aoki and Reiji then exchange judgemental thoughts about one another as a result of the way of Rin has dressed. Reiji has some kind of breakdown when Rin threatens to stab him with scissors. Rin knew about it and was not happy about that. Aoki notices this then he notices that Kuro and Mimi are getting texts from her.

Reiji asks Rin what’s wrong and she tells him she wants to go to school. The next day, the girls help with preparations for Obongiving Rin fond memories of her mother, so Aoki lets her hug him during the night.

This enraged Rin and Kuro, so they harassed that teacher to the point of causing the teacher to have a nervous breakdown during class and quit. He is still extremely angry at Aoki for “being alone with her”.

The episode ends off when as the class were about to leave, Kyoko went to wake them up, finding the three of them, Rin, Kuro and Mimi, fell asleep with Aoki under a tree. The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. Two boys at school make fun of her, so Rin and Kuro help Mimi purchase a bra by taking her measurements at Kuro’s private clothing department.

He tries to apologize for his earlier behavior.

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He also continues to have nightmares. Rin knew about it and was not happy about that. Ohime-sama Dakko” is used as the opening theme while “1, 2, 3 Day” is used as the ending theme. On the day of the sports festival, Rin is suffering from a chest cough from working on a banner late into the night.


Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki OVA 1

As a sign of friendship Kuro gives a white hair pin to Shirai and wears a black version herself. There Mimi meets Reiji for the first time and falls in love with him.

Aoki starts off by assigning an essay about dreams, but the class responds with pessimistic views towards today’s issues.

Later, Rin tells Aoki that she hates adults because of that incident. Rin comes back to school healthy and later catches up to Aoki and kisses him. As such, Gak,i apologizes to Rin and tells Rin to punish him whatever she desires. Aoki spots Rin and chases her to the pool where Rin pushes him in.

Kodomo no Jikan – Episode 1

Before leaving, Rin kisses Reiji good-bye, prompting a somewhat victorious glance from Reiji which befuddles Aoki. Aoki tells her that he will still be at school to monitor the pool. He walks her to school, trying to block other parents’ view of her. During the course of the day, he learns about the reasons behind Mimi Usa’s extended absence from school. Rin in turn slaps him but later on hugs him, crying and tells him that she does not want him to ignore her.

The episodes are directed by Eiji Suganuma and produced by the Japanese animation studio Studio Barcelona. In the OVA, “Rettsu! Kuro gets Shirai to walk her home, who then apologizes for what she said before.

Rin becomes the Class Representative.

Summer break is quickly approaching, and Rin becomes saddened by the fact that she won’t be able to see Aoki. Mimi laments that she misses her father’s comfort, and when her mother arrives to cheer on her brother instead, she breaks down and cries. Kodoom comes up with the idea of a costume parade for the teachers, which Shirai is totally against until Kuro gets excited about her dressing up.

Aoki is slapped for this, but forgiven as usual. Neither the other teachers nor her parents believed her, so Mimi’s only choice was to quit school. The next day, it becomes apparent that Aoki’s students’ scores have begun to drop. After a serious, heartfelt attempt to confess her love for Aoki is completely misinterpreted by him, Rin’s darker side manifests itself, and she resorts to blackmail and nni manipulation to try to get him to either return her feelings or at least acknowledge his own for her.


During PE class, Aoki notices Mimi’s large chest. Four pieces of theme music are used for the anime television series; one opening theme and three ending themes. Aoki tries to ignore Rin when she harasses him for attention. It is the first day of teaching for Daisuke Aoki and his third grade class. He immediately misinterprets this as that they ditched the work.

After being trapped together in the gymnasium’s storage locker englisn hours, Rin and Aoki finally reconciled and he assures her that he’ll always remain by her side. At night, Aoki goes to a bar and rambles to his colleagues jikqn how hard it is being a teacher. Aoki asks her to have the class clean the backyard after school. Rin remembers what Aoki says and goes to the school where she finds Aoki talking with Hoin.

A thirty-minute, uncensored, single-episode original video animation was released on September 12,available both on the anime’s official website and in a limited edition version bundled with the fourth volume of the manga. Upon being rescued, Reiji — hysterical beyond reason due to recurring nightmares about his traumatic childhood and his perceived failure to keep his promise to Aki to protect her daughter from harm — snaps and strikes Aoki in rage before dragging Rin back home.

Later, Mimi goes shopping for a bra, but does not know anything about them, and ends up buying a bra that didn’t fit her. On the same day, a former teacher who taught at the school is coming back for a visit.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A flash back is told of Reiji’s parents and Rin’s mother. It is revealed that Rin was apparently jealous that Aoki went with Kyouko to a family restaurant.