Ah Jung talks on the phone with Ki Joon. Dafnee June 14, at 8: If they really think that the drama is that bad, I guess the girls over there would just drop it, end of story. Now that Ki Joon rose up to the challenge of proving to us that he was not fickle, double crossing jerk, LTM fans are now revelling in the romance of our OTP. But guh, I dont want aunt to try and cock block for Ah Jung. Looks like someone thought the same exact thing I did! I think the drama is doing a good job of balancing the comedic moments with the realistic beats, never letting the need for manufactured laughs overwhelm the requirement to tell a story that connects with the viewers.

I want to feel good in a silly and fun way and LTM gives that to me. They go up in an elevator, and when the doors open, Hoon is waiting to pick up Ah Jung. See is so freaking confusing, and totally frustrating. LOL And then, they do it like they do on the discovery channel!!! Ace June 14, at 3: Ki Joon asks Ah Jung about whether all women want to marry a man they can show off and use to elevate their own status?

I just love all your post and really appreciate all the work you put in it! Thanks for the weecap! I have read lots of comments about people not believing in their love story. I told you, that things can kill you, and make your koalasplayhround, useless!! I think Ah Jung, think she is worthless, and that is why, she is so hurt inside.

Boooooooooooooooooo, another week to wait before the next episode. That koalasplaygrounx, Ah Jung gets a call from Ki Joon to change into a dress a stunning strapless floor length white dress with black print he left for her and come meet him.

Why can’t Eunhye not make koalaaplayground good drama Unless the actors will become a couple in real life which is perfect because they are so cute!!!! Suddenly Ah Jung sees the place she needs to koalasplaground and Ki Joon has the driver pull over. Papers and exams are endless, and are really huge obstacles for watching dramas arrgghhh! I really hope this drama wont end so soon: You have a right to be so freaking crazy especially after an exam.


On her way out, she trips and knocks down two ice sculptures. This after Reaper got home and wanted to start over — I think he had to suss out that what he felt for YJ was back to brotherly love and concern which is what I think it started out as. He calls Ah Jung, who is on a bus headed for the port, Ki Joon correctly tracks her whereabouts. Love cannot be forced when there is none left.

As it’s been vociferously stated many times – it’s the writing. If the writer makes an attempt to keep everyone sane, spisode the angst is welcome, because both Ki Joon and Ah Jung needs to face the consequences of their actions and their love.

We get all these lovely kisses in the koalqsplayground part of the drama and then, bam, nothing. AJ carefully built her career from scratch.

Then, at the half of your 2 paragraphs, you did a positive review but you already created a negative sentence on your first paragraph. I demand fan service SBS. Someone posted that the way Ki Joon looks in this show is different from his others. Ki Joon and Ah Jung are still holding hands in the koalasplaygrounv when the door opens to reveal Manager Park and two other hotel employees waiting to get on.

I cant believe this. She complains that her legs are sore, and he offers to massage them, but she quickly declines.

Without lies, or younger brother stealing the chick, or the League of the Evil Exes, hunting them down! Lie to Me is considered a failure in storytelling because it IS a failure in storytelling. Ah Jung sits down and tells Ki Joon that she will handle how tto end this rumor once and for all.

I cant wait until the day the Kissing Bandit rise again!! OMG, they should end up together… that would be fun. He is a man, torn, between two worlds.

Lie to Me Episode 2 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Eleven11 June 14, at 2: Now I know the big difference of the 1st and 2nd writer of this drama. Thanks Koala so very much. Some go to the extent of insulting international fans, that because the ratings for LTM is low in Korean, it goes to show that Koreans are smarter than international fans who loved the show I think to imply that LTM is much more popular internationally while not so popular in Korea so Koreans can better differentiate what a good drama is, compared to international fans.


This is true for every drama and any other things that exists in this world. Something is not right here…i really think they are hiding koalas;layground.

Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

Before he can reply, Aunt calls demanding that he come right away. I enjoyed the drama tremendously. Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes your are on top, sometimes your are on bottom, but almost all the way, is never a straight line.

Suddenly Ah Jung pops up in front of him, darting into the line to surprise him. I fell head over heels and am now jonesing for anything LTM related even though I just finished watching episode I love your analysis on Sang Hee, and how he feels, I never thought about the abandon issue, but it is true, he lost the person he cherish most, by his brother 3 years ago. He then has lunch with his Aunt, who reminds him of the importance of this upcoming project entering the Chinese market with a Chinese partnerwith the future of the hotel on the line.

Lie to Me Episode 2 Recap

YEH had million of fans all over the world. Yoon Joo thinks that everyone is changing but her. You know what just happened? And the hugging ,oalasplayground from within the car! I can forgive them for that. Yoon Joo arrives at the resort, just missing Ah Jung in the parking garage and in the lobby. I only open DB just to see how far it has streched. What a waste of two great actors! Episods continues to ignore him, until he just grabs her for a hug. Thanks Koala for the awesome headers, recaps and your thoughts!

Boom Shaka Waka Pow Pow!!