Lee In Hae – she’s sweet-looking, very talkative in the interview. I am surprise that they have started the drama with a war. James Goh May 14, at 6: So Dam Deok is not the eldest son? The timeline for the drama will go something like this; King Gwanggaetto will eventually destory their long time enemy in the west Later Yan , subdue a bunch of tribes under one banner Malgals, Khitans, etc , invade Baekje and rescue Silla, and just double the size of the entire country. No more Korean dramas for me.

If it has a good viewership, I’m not surprise at all. Although they increasingly became sinicized or “chinafied” during its later years. I almost think it’s too fast? With that huge brush and the ink dripping everywhere when Damdeok was writing, I thought it would turn out messy but surprising the wordings were somehow neat. Clicking on to your links leads to “VideoWeed” which is a membership subscription site. Posted by Dsd at He does not think he is a chosen prince but regards himself as an ordinary general, displaying audacity in a battle. Anonymous May 14, at

I am surprise that they have started the drama with a war. However, the names are confusing. Can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds his life. I hope there is subtitle for this drama,because I hardly understand their conversation.

Watch Korean Drama: King Gwanggaeto the great Ep 89 Eng Sub

Although they increasingly became sinicized or “chinafied” during its later years. This is the final straw! Posted June 8, I guess i have to wait a while until the latest episode are on regular grea Sadly I dont think anyone is subbing this drama because its very long.


About Dam Deok older brother I know nothing about him,either he really exist or just a fictional character to make the story more interesting.

King Gwanggaeto the Great Season 1 Episode 46

Dsd May 13, at I’m getting into the picture as to who is who now, until more characters are introduced. From the picture above, he seemed to have a brother and a sister. By suzziee Started April 8, Posted June 9, Wonder how many wives and concubines did Damdeok have? Posted June 6, Anonymous May 15, at I don’t understand the technicalities of “hard sub and its size is bigger”.

Is it possible for you to upload each episode into parts so that we still have a chance to watch it even though we may not be able to watch each episode at one go? Even though Korea and Japan have their own languages, they use chinese wordings fairly often.

This is set in the period where Goguryeo already drove the Chinese out of Manchuria. I couldn’t understand every korean words they speak, especially when they rhe in the sageuk language. Sign In Sign Up. By Cherryblossom18 Started February 18, Bring back the original format However, how did he become the king eventually?

Posted June 5, But she seems younger than him. I wonder if there is any english subtitle?


King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 45 English Sub [2/2]

This content has been removed by a moderator. Actress Kim Jeong Hwa transformed into a female warrior by presenting eposode impressive warrior appearance with a double-edged sword, whip, and two swords in her kinh.

Actually I’m suprised that this drama already start with war in the first episode. It also seems that there is another guy for Do Young, besides Damdeok. He was actually known to lead his armored calvary into battle called gaemamusa – think cataphract. I was rather confused watching the drama, as to who is who.

Posted by Dsd at That’s why he didn’t expect to ascend to the throne but to fight in the war instead? I would have thought that this drama is eoisode to an end with that fierce battle and Damdeok being captured by his enemy. I’d imagine it was a great morale boost by having your king riding with you into battles. And Go-un is married to Dam-deok’s younger sister, Damjoo?