The area around Cheong- nyeongpo evokes a mystical ambience. I have added the dramas to the chart Hello Dramasrok! Archived from the original on 16 February After that, the young king was directly under his spell. The Danjong Culture Festival is making a big splash in Seoul for its 43th edition, inviting tourists to the real party: Died of illness after two years.

But his stay there was short-lived. Many obviously were covered up in the Joseon Annals. It was here, on a sequestered patch of greenery, that King Danjong , the sixth king of the Joseon era, was sent into a brief exile before his death at the age of The Westerners won for a while but broke into two smaller factions Soron and Noron. The Great King Sejong Sejo: And the great king worried a lot for Danjong because his own successor was too weak. The Andong Kim clan had taken over power and many members of the Yi family had fled from the capital and were living in poverty. Spent time as a captive of the Qing Dynasty before becoming King.

More than 1, participants paraded through the streets of Yeongwol during the Danjong funeral rites last year.

Chart of Joseon Kings and Related Sageuk Dramas – dramasROK

King Seongjong was only 13 when he came to the throne, so his grandmother Queen Jeonghee ruled in his place along with his mother Queen Insu — the drama Queen Insu jTBC follows her story. A noble man wrote a beautiful poem about his trip to Gangwon-do: I m so interested what is in a real korean history. In the midst of these misfortunes, there was a silver lining: Still, he was considered a successful leader of the country.

It is just outside Seoul and open to the public. I have only recently found this and it really helped to clear up some confusion and connect the dots. Time Slip Doctor Jin Gojong: The parade starts at 8: They were beheaded at “Saenamto”, a place in Noryangjin where centuries later, Catholics martyrs would meet the same fate Posted by Stephane MOT at 6: That’s King Danjong’s tomb in Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do.


This is the third of a part of Jangseogak series in collaboration with the Academy of Korean Studies. Please add Goddess of Fire under Gwanghaegun.

There are also these drama to add in your list: Horse Doctor Yeongjo: Danjong of Joseon House of Yi Born: I bequeath you the house in Jeongseon-bang, Seoul that is bestowed upon me, and the farmland in Tongjin, Gyeonggi-do. But his stay there was short-lived. Just doing a bit of research for 10 Magazine’s coverage of the Danjong Festival in Yeongwol-gun and stumbled upon your post.

Danjong of Joseon

Bats, shrimp and other animals also inhabit the cave. Thats how I found this site. Retrieved 22 February I have added it to the chart.

He reigned through two Manchu invasions. She is a great and lovely character in any kind of drama. Danjong had ruled for three years before he was escorted to Cheongnyeongpo, which is today virtually devoid of cars. Retrieved from ” https: It is a surprisingly pleasant, picturesque view.

The Drsma King Sejong Munjong: I am not fond of historical drwma or sajeuk but because Goddess of Fire has Moon Geun Young as the character where the story revolves, I watched it full and complete and never regretted doing so. Instead of continuing its spectacular and positive mutation, the country stalled and shut itself down in front of any form of progress.

Not an easy sales pitch, granted. The limestone cavern, formed million to million years ago, was discovered in and opened to the public in as a national treasure. The Confucian Kingship klng Korea: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon KBS1 is about the man who contributed many inventions including the Joseon sundial and water clock. Danjong’s murder was a little more subtle: Was an accomplished ruler but due to the political situation at the time he ended up being deposed in a coup and died on Jeju Island.


Forgotten story of Princess Gyeonghye

But don’t picture Suyang as just an ambitious man fooling a kid with a one way ticket to a nice resort area: It is my favourite sageuk haha. Sunshine TvN is set in the early s and stars Lee Byung-hun.

I hope you or your readers can help me. Historians have used written diagrams from the funeral of King Jeongjo Gwangcheon in Yeongwol County is where Danjong, the sixth king of the Joseon Dynastywas sent into exile in when he was Age-old funeral for tragic king Apr 18, Archived from the original on 16 February This is a very good reference for sageuks.

She Was Beautiful Genre: His wife reportedly plunged into a waterfall and died inside the grotto during an escape. Glad to hear you have found the exciting world of Korean sageuk historical drama!

Time Slip Doctor Jin Early reign.

An interior view of Gossi Cave. Set during the last reign of king sunjong. Save Save Save Save Share this: