It is said that the Alchemist committed the murder. Log in No account? In any way, do not start or participate in any flame wars. Hajime gathers everybody inside the mansion and he reveals the identity of the murderer by the calendar. As Hajime works to solve the mystery, new victims emerge. Click to load comments. Hajime and Officer Kenmochi go to a restaurant to have something to eat.

Everybody goes to a dock where a special kind of lanterns must be put in the water, and they memorize for the dead with the lanterns drifting away to a further place Kitsunebi Drifting. File 7 Hotel Europa Murder Case 4. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. The discovery of a weapon implicates one of the group. Hajime learns about the medical students’ secret past while the others search the facility for a rabies vaccine. Everybody tries to escape from the order of Kindaichi. They find a university group that also stay at here.

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File 14 Graveyard Island Murder Case 9. Sojo is killed in his room. How will Kindaichi finish this game? File 9 Headless Samurai Murder Case 5. File 13 Gentleman Thief Murder Case 6. File 13 Gentleman Thief Murder Case 2.

It has been reported that there were seven mysteries exist in the Fudo High School, though only six of them had been solved. File 7 Hotel Europa Murder Case 3. Miyuki asks Hajime to help out with drama club camp at an island hotel. After the first murder victim, the castle turns into a giant prison by the hands of the killer, Mr.

Hajime realizes who the culprit is.

Some time later, Hajime receives a phone epiwode from Yousuke Kyogoku. There are also five Russian dolls inside the mansion.

Hajime and Miyuki head out to investigate when the photo of someone who supposedly died in the Hiren Lake incident shows up in a magazine. The troupe leader dies with a Derringer on the table and the local police have been investigating on the case.


The Files of Young Kindaichi

The killer regretted for mistaking the diver and cried. The hotel owner reveals the story behind the guest who lived in the red room. Also I don’t see any English dubs of the series in the horizon.

File 10 Kindaichi The Killer 8. File 11 Tarot Hut Murder Case 6. I hope this helps. One of the rivals is found dead inside the Blood Pool Hall, and everybody finds a message formed by the black-and-white chesses in the pool.

The victim has been poisoned to death by a bowl of soup, and is identified as Chan Yong Fu.

veoh – Kindaichi Case Files Ep 19 (Eng Sub)

The deceased is actually Shimomura Shiho, who has millions of money. The festival kicks off with heavy rain while a murder takes place. Please use our search form before sending new request! The dead is identified as a female inspector from the Police Department. Hajime solves the mystery and reveals the identity of the ghost captain, along with how the sinking of the Oriental is linked to the incidents.

File 10 Kindaichi The Killer 6.

Miyuki Nanase is Suspected of Murder” Transcription: Hajime finally figures out the full picture and discovers the true killer. Ran is discovered hurt and sent to hospital. In the midst of a storm, the curtain rises on a murder mystery.

One of them called Rin says that she found Marika dead wearing a “Fox Mask” with white cloth in her warehouse two months ago, and the telegrams might be tricks from a mate.

The treasure hunters discover a helpful lead among the belongings left behind by the victim of the white-haired killer. The killer admits the motion and is promptly casse.


Kindaichi Hajime may look dumb, but fikes is one of the smartest detectives that you will ever see. Hajime gets into a fight with Tachibana at a party. Comments containing just links with no kinaichi will usually be removed, unless they’re an answer to another comment.

Makabe tells everybody his speculation about the trick and gives sarcasm to Kindaichi, yet another student manages to break out the code left by Ruiko as a dying message.

Hajime bought a bag of drinks and didn’t feel well outside, so dnglish went to a cottage nearby and managed to solve the problem. Hajime tries to solve the trick behind the locked room. Comment Anime Episode Rules. One of the four girls epizode dead, and the other three are suspected, but they all state they have perfect alibis.

Hakugin ni Kieta Minoshirokin ” Japanese: Kindaichi and a revived Akechi both solve the continuous case from their reasoning. The waiter serves them very well at every part and gives them a good meal, but Kindaichi still finds something different.

The Files of Young Kindaichi | Netflix

A student was found dead in the library engish it was said he was killed after everybody left the school. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. In addition, two animated films were released on December 14, and August 21, respectively. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat